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Fluid in Kidneys

Just left the doctors office and he mentioned that at our 20wk scan they had seen fluid in out little guys kidneys. He said I need another US to measure the fluid (to see if it's increased) but also said that this wasn't uncommon. I'm trying not to worry, but scared that he wouldn't really talk about what this could mean. 
Anyone else have a similar experience with this pregnancy or a previous one? Was it an issue during pregnancy, after birth, or did it resolve on its own?

Re: Fluid in Kidneys

  • I think @johnnydro had a similar finding on his baby's anatomy scan. 
  • Had it with my first ended up with multiple extra ultrasounds but LO was fine after birth. 
  • No experience, just wanted to say that I hope everything turns out okay!
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  • I've heard of this a lot, and it seems like it resolves itself before birth most of the time.  Fingers crossed that everything is ok with your little one!

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  • My LO has slightly enlarged kidneys, but they were just above the threshold. The ultrasound doctor was very thorough when he talked to us and explained that kidney problems are very common. He also told us 70% resolve during pregnancy and another 20% will resolve in the first few weeks after birth. If there is still a problem at that point (so those 10% of babies), a pediatrician would continue to monitor the kidneys. He reassured us that it's all very common and any follow up is typically minimally invasive. My OB also confirmed everything we were told and offered to answer any other follow up questions.

    I have another ultrasound at 32 weeks to check his kidneys. The more I talked to people about it, the more common I realized kidney problems are in babies. Especially with little boys. If you're still worried, I would call the doctor to help put you at ease. Otherwise, just know you're not alone and everything should be okay for your LO. Good luck!
  • @RaquelB94 at our 20 week scan the Dr. saw dilation in the kidneys, the right kidney was below the threshold at 4 (i think its 5mm) and the left was just at the threshold of 5.   Our Dr. was not the one performing the scan so when we went back to the OB he said in boys its very common and will normally work it self out by 30 weeks I believe.   If not, the doctor said its an easy fix after birth.  At our follow up scan last week, the doctor said everything looks normal, there was no change which is good and that we should go back at 28 weeks.

    Please feel free to ask any questions I can do my best to answer them based on our experience.

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  • **Lurking from October**
    Both of my little guys kidneys were dilated at my AS and my doc was very unconcerned and assured me that it nearly always resolves before birth or the first few weeks after. His right kidney fixed itself by 24 weeks and his left kidney was normal at 36 weeks. I mentioned it to the pediatrician we chose and she said they'd really just monitor it and probably wouldn't do anything unless the kidney wasn't functioning normally. 

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  • *Lurking from Febraury 17* My DS who is now 21 months old also had dilated kidneys at his 20 weeks ultrasound. Most cases go away but he still has them and has Hydrophronosis. The good news is he has no problems associated with it. We have an appointment with a urologist every 6 months to check on them. At this point they continue to get better every time. He doesn't even need the antibiotics. It can cause UTI's and kidney infections but we have been lucky. 

    We we just had our 20 week yesterday for our baby Boy due in Febraury and he has slightly dilated kidneys (less then DS) but hardly measurable. I'm not nearly as concerned this time just because of our experience. I hope that helps. I know it's hard not to worry but I kept reminding myself it could be something wrong with the heart or brain and that made me feel a little better. 

    Good luck to you and your little one 
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