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Baby rolling on to back and hitting head

hey! I want my little girl to learn how to roll onto her back. she rolls onto her Tummy just fine, but when it comes to rolling on her back she gets super frustrated. The last two times when she rolled onto her back successfully, she hit her head on the foam mat. That resulted in her crying, and me picking her up. I think she's afraid to try now, and I'm afraid too! I know she needs to learn, but am I doing something wrong? Or do all babies hit their head at first?

Re: Baby rolling on to back and hitting head

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    I would imagine it would be quite a surprise. Doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong. I used my yoga mat and blocks to protect kiddo from hitting her head on anything too hard. She'll be rolling all over the place before you know it.
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    My LO learned to roll on her tummy very early, and took FOREVER to learn to get to her back LOL. She would get very frustrated sometimes trying or when she was tired of playing on her belly, it was not fun until she learned some days. We used a foam playmat and comforter during playtime to make the floor as impact absorbing as possible and just kept working with her legs or helping her try to turn when she seemed like she was halfway there but in the end she only did it herself when she was ready. Like pp said, it will happen. 
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