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Refuses dad

HELP!!!  I need to know if this is happening to any other moms. My four month old goes into a frantic panic screaming attack as soon as his dad grabs him so I can shower or use the bathroom or just detach for five minutes. I am a SAHM. My husband works long hours and usually leaves 630 and won't return home till 7. It's been happening for the last three days. At times I am trying to remember if I washed correctly. Does this happen to any one else at there. I literally cannot catch a break. I told him he needs to interact more. Weekends he will have to do more than me. Feeding, bathingplaying etc. 

Re: Refuses dad

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    My LO started getting a little less happy when Dad would come home and pick her up. So i started having him do some more things with her, like change her diaper, get her ready for bed, and really interact with her when she was alone with him (he didn't realize how important it was to read, sing, and do tummy time with her, he was just having her next to him while he got other things done like make dinner). Having him do more of the things you normally do with her will add up to more time and should help balance things a little. She is happy to see him now.

    I also recommend really trying to have him do a few of these activities on a daily basis to keep him familiar.
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     <3 thank you.  
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