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I'm on depo and I just got my shot about two weeks ago. My SO and I have unprotected sex sometimes. Well now I'm getting nauseous when I'm moving around. My back is killing me, I have pressure in my lower abdomen, my boobs are sore but that's an side effect from depo. Im bloated and when I walk I feel pressure. I'm getting so many pregnancy symptoms but when I tested yesterday it was negative. I don't have periods so I can cancel out the missed period. Should I retest in a week if my symptom are still here? I don't know what to do. 

Re: Help!!

  • I would! GL! I was on depo for over 10yrs, it made me gain tons of weight and took me over 6mos to conceive after Clomid. Trying for no still no luck after5mos,no depo this time, trying Clomid
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