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PCS overseas with a Newborn

My husband is active duty Air Force and we received orders with a report no later that 3 months after my due date (due Feb 1- RNLT May 1). We will be moving statestate to Europe. Has anyone done this before? I am concerned with how long it will take to get the baby a birth certificate, passport, health sign off etc. We started the paperwork for me last night, but I am unsure if I am even able to get medically cleared while I am pregnant.  I am on Tricare standard so I also feel that may complicate things as my doctors are not familiar with military orders. From what it sounds like, we are unable to get our official orders, schedule HHG, and book flights until all of these out processing requirements are finished. This is my first child and first PCS. It is also a special duty assignment so the report date cannot pushed back. Any tips, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Oh wow, wish I had more advice for you. DH suggests starting by calling Military OneSource. Their website might also be a place to start finding where you can get specific resources: 
    maybe they can send you to the offices on your base that can talk you through how to prepare ahead of time as much as you can? 

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  • We moved overseas for our first pcs and are going from PACAF to Europe now. I also had my second child overseas. You can message me! 
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  • As long as you are under 36 weeks and have no complications you will be cleared while pregnant. The 2792 you will need filled out will be simple for your PCM And is very self explanatory. If you are not enrolled in Efmp you will most likely be cleared. The 2792 is to make sure you have no I going medical conditions that will require a specialist, but i believe that either way the paperwork needs to be submitted at a military facility. They will just tell you once you are at your new location to schedule a pre natal appt. first step after baby is born will be to request the birth certificate, you then enroll baby into deers and then tricare (you will all be tricare prime overseas) and then go to request baby's social. Once that is received you go to passport office at mpf and apply for baby's no fee passport (these are required for all dependants on overseas orders.) until all paperwork is submitted you cannot receive orders, packout, ship your car or book flights. Overseas moves are stressful, but not hard! I suggest packing out ASAP as it can take a while to receive your things and save as much money as possible. Housing has waiting lists so it can be a while to get a home on base, you may be forced to live off which will require deposits and many buy a 2nd car. We are going to England and advised to save atleast 7-10k for expenses. 
  • Specific forms you need done to be cleared and for your husband to submit for orders are 1466-d for dental, 2792 for medical and you will need to apply for a no fee passport at a nearby military base facility. 
  • We are in a similar situation but reverse... moving back from Europe to the states with a newborn (roughly 5-6  weeks old). I know that for us, we will have to go directly to the embassy to have to process expedited because the mail in process can take several months (speaking from experience getting my visa and no fee passport before we moved). I'm not sure exactly how it works for leaving the states, but I am sure there is an office you can go to to expedite as well! Best of luck!! 
  • You can get orders and move without the no fees as long as your provide proof from your passport office that you applied for them. 
  • The mail in process takes 2-6 weeks for a no fee. you can also expedite online or in person at a passport office for an added fee for tourist passports. 
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