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Who has started??????

My son is currently 5 months and 16 days old. Who has started weaning with their babies?? Just asking so that I know how you guys adjust to any behaviour or poop changes.

My baby is pooping green around 6 to 7 times a day because of a recessing cold and teething. Only giving him around an ounce of water a day.

How about you mommies?

Re: Who has started??????

  • Weaning? At 5 months?
    Do you mean baby led weaning? (No one in this group should be anywhere near actually weaning her baby off of milk/formula yet.) 
  • No no. I meant introducing solids...that weaning. Not weaning off, certainly not!! :p
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  • I just started giving our baby solids in addition to her formula. We started with Gerber Rice Cereal, but she threw up (she never spits/throws up) and I think it gave her gas and a belly ache. 

    We stopped with the rice cereal. 

    Just the other day I gave her Beech Nut Sweet Potatoes and she really liked it. She got the hang of being spoon fed pretty quickly. I'm so happy  :)

    When I tried giving her Gerber Peaches, she did not like it one bit. She hated it so much, and was so traumatized, that she wouldn't even eat the sweet potatoes again. She's a drama queen. 

    Today shes he's over it, and she finished her jar of sweet potatoes. I think we'll stick to the Beech Nut brand from now on. 

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  • We gave some solids around 4.5 months (oatmeal and sweet potatoes) but stopped after a week and decided to wait until the recommended 6 months. LO will be 6 months on the 31st so we'll reevaluate after his 6 month check up in October. 
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    He (4.5mos) had bananas for the last 3 days and tried sweet potatoes tonight. He wasn't too keen on the banana, but couldn't get enough sweet potatoes. Poop has been the same, but he's not ingesting enough food to really make a difference.
    ETA: We spoon fed our other three until 6 mos and then went the blw route. I plan on doing the same with this LO. 
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  • I'm leaning towards babyled weaning but just yesterday I gave LO a baby spoon and a couple teaspoons of oatmeal to play with. I felt so sorry for LO at the dinner table watching us eat and mimicking us chewing. He's been touching the oatmeal, smearing it on the table and putting it in his mouth. He'll be six months in less than two weeks so I'm happy with this for now.
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  • Looks like its good to wait for a bit. I started solids with my daughter at 3 days before she was six months and she just would not take it. It got better with time, but that was a lot of time. Don't want to go through that again.

    I may start with cereal in a week maybe. He is happy with water though, yet. 

    Another thing, my son blows out spit bubbles a lot. As in A LOT! Its his favourite past time currently. Its so much that when i return to check on him, his mouth is all frothy and foamy. Do your kids do that???? :|
  • We introduced some at 3 months. Just organic sweet potatoes and bananas, two days apart. That weekend my baby began having black stool (indicative of blood in the digestive tract) so my pediatrician had me take him in to urgent care since it was a Friday. They ran all kinds of tests (all negative) and said his tummy probably just wasn't ready for the foods. We steered clear for a while and recently tried carrots, which went well. It just traumatized me so much that now I'm hesitant to try anything, and want to leave about 4-5 days between each new food (so if anything bad happens, there's no question what the culprit was).
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    LO has had rice cereal, organic sweet peas, organic sweet potato, squash, and banana starting around 4.5 months. We usually have him try 2 oz of a food per week just to taste test/explore using the spoon. He doesn't eat solids every day.

    Also, last Saturday his grandma gave him a Plum's Organics pouch with green beans, yogurt, and pear which pissed me off that she didn't ask me before feeding him THREE new foods that he's never had before! If he had a reaction, I wouldn't have known what caused it. 

    Since Sunday, his poop has been horrendous. At first, I thought it was from that pouch. Others seem to think it may be from the teething phase.

    Starting on 10/6, we'll be doing breakfast and dinner for LO every day.

    ETA: For clarification (better timeline) - 4.5 months: rice cereal and banana, 5 months: peas, squash, and sweet potato
  • DS is a little over 5 months now. We started him on purées right at 4 months when the pediatrician gave us the go ahead. We started with oatmeal, then peaches, avocados, bananas, apples, pears and now sweet potatoes. We will try plums in a few days. I wait 3-4 days before trying anything new. He LOVES to eat! We give him solids 1-2 times/day, about 1/4 cup at a time. He takes the same amount of formula and breastmilk as before. 

    He is delighted that he can sit in his own chair and have dinner with Mommy and Daddy. He feeds himself from a loaded spoon and does a great job.
    I haven't noticed a big differences in his BMs. He had some trouble pooping when on bananas/apples for a few days, but adding pears quickly fixed that! We still don't need to rinse his cloth diapers before washing; the poop is still water soluble at this point. 
  • We're going to do baby led, so we aren't starting just yet and won't be doing purées or rice cereal at all. I do give him little tastes of thing though. He's getting used to new tastes!!
  • For those of you doing blw, when do you plan to start? I didn't do this with my first two babes, but want to this time. 

    What foods do you start with? Guess I should Google this...
  • There is actually a great book with that title "baby led weaning". I highly recommend it!! She suggests in the book to wait till 6 months and gives her reasonings. I actually recommend every parent (purée or baby led) read the first few chapters as I feel if gives you a great view of the babies perspective and will help those who choose to spoon feed, do it more effectively.
    First food will be whatever he grabs off my plate and pops into him mouth first, I guess... I may start putting veggies that we eat (cooked a bit more) on his tray so he can experiment. Facebook has a very informative recipe group and there is a whole website dedicated to it. Beware though. Baby led weaning mommas get can get a bit persnickety with people who say that they do both a mix of baby led and tradition weaning as offering finger foods and purées is just traditional weaning... Not baby led at all... Which the book explains why that is... Anyway, good luck!
  • @redselig we do something similar but more so to keep T entertained while we eat. We give him a spoon and he goes to town! 
    Haha cuteness! I should try to take off LO's clothes as well, less caked-on laundry to deal with! 
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  • So cute. Hats off to you while cleaning!!

    My daughter was on purées for quite some time. She still loves her oatmeal in breakfast. With him, i intend to do the same. Lets see how he takes it. I sure do hope he is less fussy than his big sister!
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