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just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with doctors being concerned about head circumference? At our 4 month check up our daughter went from th 25th percentile to the 50th percentile.  (We think they may have been a little off in their measurements as they have been off before). We went back today for a check up. She is now 5 months.  Her head grew from 40 1/2 cm to 42 cm and is now a little over 50th percentile around 52nd.  She said this was over her growth curve slightly and now wants her to have an ultra sound. She is hitting all of her milestones and is a happy healthy baby.  My doctor says she's just being cautious but ofcourse I'm freaking out! Any advice?? 

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    My baby's head size is in the 98th percentile. Some babies just have a big head. I've stressed concern but the doctor isn't worried at all. Getting an MRI will be for the best. Most of the time it's nothing. Take a deep breath and relax, baby will feed off your energy. 
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    I'm pretty sure 50th percentile is the 'ideal' average. My son is 4 months and is in the 20th percentile, he's perfectly fine just smaller than others ! 
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    I think it's more about jumping of the baby's growth curve more so than what the % is. My baby was in the 5% for her head circumference at her 4 month appt. If, in a few weeks, at her 6 month appt she is in the 15% then there would be cause for concern because that much of a growth isn't expected.

    I am sure it's nothing and they just want to be sure since in one month, jumping from 25% to 52% is quite a leap..
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    Our little guys head went from 50% to 85% to 95% to 75% and we haven't had anything mentioned to us. What are the reast of your baby's measurements? All off our little guys measurements have been that way. 
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    Our LO's head is 98th and length is visitor said how well proportioned she is lol! They're all different. Maybe you're right and the initial measurement was a bit off putting your LO at 25th. 
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