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Daycare bottles

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So, DS just  LOVES his solids.  He can't get enough.  I had been sending him in to daycare with 3 six ounce bottles of breastmilk and about 3 ounces of puree, but the last couple of weeks, he's been coming home with one bottle completely untouched and an ounce or two of leftover milk in his second bottle.  His daycare teacher say he's just not interested in his bottles at all and even with the fast flow nipples, it still takes almost an hour to get through a bottle.  They're giving him some oatmeal for morning snack and the fruit/veggie puree I send in.  Sometimes they'll also give him a bonus snack from the meal plan if they know it's a food he's good with.
I'm worried about how much less milk he's getting though.  For those of you still breastfeeding, how much are your LO's drinking while at daycare?

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    Mine has been back and forth with his bottles as well. Some days are better than others. He gets baby food atleast once sometimes twice a day at daycare. But they said the same thing. Sometimes he just isn't interested. He still nurses great for me and is a chunk so I'm not worried. I hope this helps! Oh and he gets typically three, 6 ounce bottles as well. 
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    I send LO with four 5.5oz bottles of breast milk and a half of a jar of baby food or equivilant amount of mashed fruit or yogurt with fruit. She usually comes home with one full bottle and sometimes about an oz left in another one. She's at daycare from about 7:15 to 5:15. I worry she's not getting enough milk also. She seems to have cut out at least a full feeding. 

    Im also wondering when to start to send more substantial food and snacks instead of baby food or mash. We do mostly BWL at home. 

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    @KFrob I'd also like to know when to start doing more substantial food.  Especially since he's cut out a bottle.  At our 6 month appointment, the doctor only told us that we should be on three full meals plus snacks by a year, but how we get there is up to us.  He also commented that DS's weight gain had slowed down a lot, so now I'm paranoid about making sure he's getting enough.
    Daycare told us that as soon as we test him out with eggs, they can put him on the meal plan, so we're probably going to try that this weekend.
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    Man, I feel paranoid seeing how much more you alls LOs are eating! For us, bottles haven't changed yet though it may be coming in the near future seeing your experiences. LO gets 2 4 oz and 1 4.5 or 5 oz bottle with two things of 1.5 or 2 oz solids at daycare for 8 am to 5:45 am. She is still waking once usually, sometimes twice a night, but even when I'm at home on weekends EBF, she still wakes and I can't get her to focus to eat more. She is off and away after 6 or 7 minutes nursing.
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    LO is 8 months old today :) I send four 4 oz bottles of breastmilk she always comes home with 1 full bottle and usually 2 oz + left over. I nurse her before daycare and before bed and usually twice at night. I make my own baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays. I send 2 cubes+yogurt that is mixed with oatmeal for breakfast and I have been sending 3 to 4 cubes of veggies for lunch... just brought puffs and mum mum crackers for snacks. She gets 3-4 cubes for dinner also. And the last week or 2 I've been feeding her a little regular food as well do far she's had pancakes, grilled cheese, rice, diced potatoe, diced carrot, bread, ground turkey,  ground beef,  black beans and cheese. 
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    My little man must be a little piggy catching up with his growing now that he's doing solids. He nurses 4-5 times a day (at least 1-2 during the night still
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    My little guy goes to daycare 1-2 times per week and goes from 8:30-3:30. I send about 12oz of breastmilk (he's never really consistent with how much he eats at a time, so I don't premake the bottles) and 2 4oz purees - one for breakfast and one for lunch. I also send him with some puffs as well. He nurses before daycare, when I pick him up, and before bed. He usually still gets up once time at night to nurse as well. Not sure he's at the 24oz minimum but I always offer for him to nurse and hes growing well so trying not to worry about it too much. I don't think my supply could keep up with him if he was eating 6-7oz bottles! 
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    @mestokes, I usually only pump 4 ounces at a time, so if he really does only need 12 instead of 18 oz, that would be awesome, but he's struggled with gaining weight pretty much since birth, so I really worry about him getting less now.  He's hitting all his milestones though, so maybe I should just relax and enjoy being able to skip the motn pumping sessions.  :)
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    @nackie I totally understand!! Theres always something to worry about it seems. And it's so hard to know how much they take in when they breastfeed. I hear getting sleep does wonders for your milk supply - although I wouldn't know about that as I have yet to sleep all night since my little guy was born :wink:
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