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Considering Capital Women's Care...thoughts?

Hi everyone! This is my first post and I'm a FTM at exactly 7 weeks today.

I have been wanting to change my OB for some time, but have been dragging my feet. I've been going to Shady Grove as I was TTC for 14 months. Right as they gave me the green light on IUI, I conceived naturally! SG is wonderful and still monitoring to me at the moment. I had my 6 week US, next week is my 8 week. I believe after that they may no longer monitor me.

I have an appointment this week with my current dr and may keep it just to get the ball rolling. I made an appointment with Capital Women's Care for October, I like the idea of seeing multiple drs since there's no guarantee of who will be there on the day of delivery. My appointment is with Dr. Nachbahr. I haven't seen anyone mention her by name on any boards, but on other medical websites, she seems to get bad reviews. Current CWC patients - should I stick it out with her for this appointment and hope following appointments will be someone else? Are the reviews about her wrong?

I was also going to call Perinatal Associates. Current patients - are they only for high risk? 

GBMC patients in general - how true are the statements made about c-sections? Obviously I am very early in my pregnancy and I don't know what the future holds, but am of the mind of wanting to avoid a c/s unless absolutely necessary. Are the c/s rates there so high simply due to seeing more high-risk patients? I'm not opposed to St. Joe's, but aside from my current Dr, haven't had any good recs for a new OB there.

Sorry for the length! Hope to hear some great advice!

Re: Considering Capital Women's Care...thoughts?

  • I've been a Capital Women's Care patient since I was 17, I'll be 37 in June when I deliver my twins. The doctors at this practice are amazing!

    St. Joe's Women and Baby Care is certified a Center of Excellence, and they have a Level 3 B NICU. I have several good friends who delivered there, one over two months early, and have mother but amazing things to say.

    CWC has an office across the street of St Joe's on York Rd, and they have an additional office in Bel Air.
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