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Roseola/sixth disease

Anyone's baby have this before? I'm pretty sure my little guy has it but we don't have a doctor's appointment until Wednesday. It started with a fever and two days later a bad rash on his face, legs, hands and feet. I'm just looking to hear about any similar experiences with this virus. It's not serious but he seems uncomfortable.

Re: Roseola/sixth disease

  • Do you think it might be hand, foot and mouth disease, I know its common this time of year? HFM can be pretty uncomfortable from what I understand and is much more contagious (though roseola is contagious as well).  Tylenol can help with fever. 
  • My little man had it a few months ago. Very high fever out of nowhere(103.7) immediately called the pediatrician who said they wanted to see him the same day and if there were no appointments available we would need to take him to the ER. Thankfully they had an opening and everything checked out, just a strange high fever with no other symptoms. We were told to make sure he stayed hydrated and monitor at home. We gave him Tylenol, lukewarm baths, cold cloths just to keep him as comfortable as possible. We didn't know it was Roseola until the fever broke and the rash appeared(about a day later). The rash was only from his neck to the top part of his chest. He was mostly very tired while he had the fever but back to himself once that went away! 

    Hope your little guy feels better very soon!
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  • Roseola typically shows up as a high fever that lasts for a couple of days. Then the fever breaks and a rash, commonly on the trunk, develops. 

    I second possible hand foot mouth. I think both are viruses though so I don't think you can do anything other than Tylenol/Motrin to treat fever and lots of liquids. Go to urgent care though if you are worried.
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  • The rash is mostly on his upper legs and thighs, definitely on hands and feet though. Also on the crotch. Does hand foot and mouth make it's way up the legs as well?
  • We had hand foot and mouth and the rash was hands, feet and mouth but also affected the backs of the knees, under the arms and all over the crotch, like a bad nappy rash. 
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