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Tips to eat more solids?

hi there! I'm looking for any tips to help LO eat more textured solids. He's mostly into purées and I can sometimes get him to eat a cracker. He will not pick up any food to eat except for puffs. He'll instantly push out any fruit or veg piece I might get into his mouth...
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Re: Tips to eat more solids?

  • With my oldest he wouldn't eat anything with the consistency of pudding. I just gave him stuff off my plate. He seemed to want it more if I had it on my plate so he'd sit on my lap while I ate and I'd let him pick some stuff. After he started doing that a lot I started giving him his own food. That helped a lot. Also we gave him the biter biscuits and he learned how to deal with chunks from biting pieces off of that and chunky mashed potatoes. Idk if any of that helps but that's the only advice I can think of. I hope it clicks one day and he eats more things for you!
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