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Weekly Fitness Check In - 9.19

Hi ladies!  I'm so excited because after stalling out for what feels like forever, I finally lost another pound!  I was hoping for two, but hell, I'll take anything at this point.  Plus, I got over 10k steps every day last week!  Calorie counting was still not perfect (which is probably why it was one pound instead of two) so I'm going to redouble my efforts on that this week and just keep it up with the walking.  I am dying to lose two pounds this week, but I'm going to make my goal about my effort, not the results (which can be unpredictable) so I'm hoping to enter all my calories and hit my calorie goal 6 days this week.

How are you guys doing?


Starting weight: 215
Current weight: 212
Mini goal weight: 199
Long term goal weight: 150

Re: Weekly Fitness Check In - 9.19

  • I ate about 40 peanut butter cookies this weekend. I may not be exaggerating. Sooooo... I am back in eating healthy mode starting now :) I need to work on not eating my feelings lol! I'm so bad at that.
  • I did OK on steps last week.  I hit my goal of 8000 6/7 days.  I'm still trying to figure out a time to exercise though.  For now, I'm just counting walking the dog.  
    We started leap 6 over the weekend, so I'm even more exhausted than usual.  I'm trying really hard not to let that affect my eating habits, but when I'm tired I crave sugar even more than normal
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  • It's been several weeks since I weighed myself (you'll soon see why) but I decided to get back on track. Some goal revision, too.

    Starting weight: 226
    Current weight: 232.2 (wrong direction!!!)
    Short-term goal: 220 (pre-pregnancy)
    Long-term goal: 185

    Objectives for this week: weigh in every day (I know this is not good for everyone, but it is good for me), take a walk every day, no stops at McDonald's for chocolate chip cookies. 

    Here's a minor dilemma: I have gotten into the habit of taking a walk with LO after breakfast/before his first nap. There are all sorts of reasons this is a good time: it's still cool out, I haven't showered yet so there's no problem getting sweaty, it starts my day out right, and layer in the day we start running errands or going to see DH for lunch, etc.

    I am a SAHM and my husband is a high school teacher. He doesn't start teaching until 10 every other day, so occasionally he'll exercise before school and come back home to shower and see us since he doesn't normally get to in the morning. It's really important to me that my husband get to have quality time with our son since they both love it and I know how hard it is for DH to leave us every morning. But... it also prevents me from being able to take my walk. DH is supportive of my goals so I am reluctant to point out that there's this conflict because I don't want him to feel bad for enjoying time with us in the morning. But, because the days he does this are random, I can't always fit in the walk at another time if we've already made plans for the day. If it were once a month I wouldn't worry about it, but it's getting more frequent-- once or twice a week. Sorry this got so long!!! Suggestions?
  • @mamadcb - Is it possible to leave LO with DH after he showers and take a walk by yourself on the mornings he comes home?  Or can DH join you and LO on your walks?  Good luck - I know the balance between family time and exercise time can be hard to strike!
  • Starting weight: 190
    Current: 183.3
    Mini goal: 170
    Long term: 150

    This weekly check in has helped me stay on track so thank you @maureenmce for starting it!

    I've hit 10,000+ steps every day last week except Sunday. Having a busy schedule really helped cut down my mindless snacking. 

    I learned a valuable lesson this week. My oldest ran her first cross country meet this season over the weekend. She ran her hardest and came in first for her team but not first overall nor was it her best time.  Afterwards she sat away from the rest of the team really upset with herself. She started crying because she felt like a failure. Nothing I said could console her. Her coach, god bless her Olympian heart, noticed her and sat down with her. She analyzed the race with her and told her that her missteps at the beginning of the race threw her off the rest of the time. But this was only the first race of the season. She now has to make a choice. She can let this one race affect her, her mindset, and future races OR she could use it to motivate her. 

    As a mother I need to be more aware of my kids watching me. When I have missteps, set backs, bad days, I need to handle it with my head held high. I need to use those set backs as motivation. I need to show my kids that they are capable of doing great things but if and when they stumble they can get back up and try harder. 
  • @mesamyt - Glad the check in is helping you!  (I feel like it's really helping me too.)  Also, that's an awesome lesson to take away from your daughter's experience.  Setbacks and plateaus can be so rough, it is definitely important to take them in stride, and for sure our kids learn from our example.  Good to keep in mind.
  • Starting weight: 193
    Current weight: 174
    Short-term goal: 155
    Long-term goal: 140

    I had honestly been scared to weigh in because I was on vacation last week.  Thankfully I didn't gain but didn't lose either.  I have officially stopped pumping and LO has only nursed once this week.  My new objectives are to get an AM workout of some kind in at least twice this week to get things going.  He usually sleeps until 7:30 so that gives me a little time.

  • Ugh, you guys I have been SO terrible at fitness/dieting this week so far.  :/  I got a promotion on Tuesday, which is amazing news, but then I celebrated with a nice dinner and some wine, and then I was so tired from that the next day, I had two days in a row of no calorie counting and barely any steps, and then today we got a treat breakfast brought in and they restocked the peanut M&Ms, so...not doing great so far.  Trying to post this in order to turn it around!

    I WILL calorie count the rest of today, and the rest of the week, and I will get my 10k steps today through Sunday!  
    At least the elevator's been out in my building for 6 days, so I'm walking up and down 5 flights of stairs (often with a baby in a car seat and a whole bunch of stuff) every day, a couple times a day.
  • Starting weight: 145
    Current weight: 135

    I haven't weighed myself in a month and I'm super excited that I've lost 10 pounds! I honestly haven't been trying that hard. I've been consciously trying to get in more steps each day and not eating a lot of dessert, and I guess that together with breastfeeding is working! My mini goal was to sign up for a fun activity... I tried a swing dancing lesson but I didn't really have much fun (long story) so I think I need to find a different activity for a work out. For now, I'm going to keep on walking and eating better. I only have 3,000 steps today so I gotta get on it. 
  • I love beer. Just 1, maybe 2 after work. But when i buy a 6 pack I swear I gain 1 pounds. I don't have much time for exercise. I wore baby and walked around the state park for about an hour on Tuesday. Hopefully with the weather cooling off we can start making some use of the jogging stroller. I miss a good work out.
    Current weight:166
    Pre pregnancy:158
    Goal: 150
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