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I'm not the best at always posting on here, but I'm back after mc #2 about two weeks ago. This time my thyroid was checked and the dr speculates that could have caused this second one. I'm getting my thyroid rechecked early next month to see if my new med is helping. I'm also getting a new ob. My old one won't look more into the cause of a mc until three and my new dr actually seems to care and will do more blood work now that I've had two. The first mc I had a d&c and this second one was a natural mc. I've been taking thyroid meds for hypothyroidism since high school so hopefully it will all get straightened out! 

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  • I am sorry for your losses. I am glad your new doctor is willing to check to see if they can figure out what is contributing to it.  Good luck
  • I'm so sorry for your losses and that you find yourself back here again. I'm glad that you're medically taking care of yourself, but don't forget to emotionally take care of yourself as well. 
  • I am so sorry for your losses @carterh33 ;

    I am glad you decided to change OB the same happened to me and I am very happy now with my new doctor (RE). He asked for new tests after my 2nd MC and he discovered some things that could be affecting me in order to have early MC.

    And another important thing is to have our grief and worries validated, when a doctor doesn't want to test further or worry about our worries, we feel invalidated and lonely.

    All the best for you!!
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  • I am so sorry for your losses and that you find yourself back here. I second (third?) switching docs if you feel like it would help. DH actually made the suggestion to me after our OB was so cold during our first loss. It was definitely the right thing for us to do. Having a good relationship with your doctor, especially if/when you experience loss makes all the difference.

    We are here for you as you move ahead. I am hopeful that you'll feel good about trying again in the future!

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  • Im so sorry you are back here @carterh33. I have had 2 losses as well and my OB had the same stance. So I am now treating with an RE who is beginning RPL testing with me and I do feel a bit better at least being proactive about it. Im sorry you are back here again this is a great group of women but once we leave we don't want to have to come back! ):
  • I'm so sorry for your losses @carterh33. I'm glad you're working with a doctor who will pursue testing. The ASRM guidelines and definition of RPL was updated in 2012, so it's possible your old OB wasn't up to date. I hope you get some answers. Hugs.
  • So sorry you're back @carterh33! Hoping you find a great doctor soon <3
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  • I'm so sorry @carterh33. I'm really glad to hear you are switching your dr, hopefully the new dr will help ease your mind and do all the testing you want to feel comfortable. hugs <3
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  • I am very sorry for your losses @carterh33
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  • So sorry to see you back  <3 Glad to hear that you are switching doctors. I hope you find someone soon!
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