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Stomach pains from Progesterone

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Hi all, I'm new to the boards and I'm here because I can't find answers anywhere.
I'm 7 weeks pregnant thanks to IVF and my dr has me taking estrogen and progesterone every day until 12 weeks.
Unfortunately (and it's taken some time to narrow this down), the progesterone is wreaking havoc on my stomach.
I went to my dr when it first started because I was worried, he did an US and said everything is fine, it's normal to have some uterine cramping because it's stretching, and that I'm worrying too much.
But I've had To miss the last 3 days of work (I'm a teacher, so it's difficult to be off that much) because I'm so uncomfortable. It's not so much my uterus anymore as it is my GI tract. My stomach hurts and the pain has lasted on and off the past 5 days. I can't sleep because it wakes me up all night. 
My stomach lining feels very inflamed and sore, sometimes I feel like I'm constipated or have painful trapped gas bubbles, but then I've had diarrhea a few times. 
Has anyone else had this problem with progesterone? My dr had me on 800mg of vaginal pills (200mg 4 times a day), so I switched back to the injections instead hoping there will be less stomach pain with it.
for now all I can do is lay in bed most of the day with a heating pad on low heat on my stomach (not over my uterus). I tried Tylenol a few times but that didn't do anything. I called the advice nurse and she didn't know anything. I've not been eating a lot, but I'm sticking to bland foods like bread, crackers, bananas.
 Any advice? I'm just worried because I need to return to work but I'm not sure how I can function when I feel so uncomfortable.
Thanks for any advice!

Re: Stomach pains from Progesterone

  • I'm sorry you're in so much pain! I'm not sure if mine was caused by being on so much progesterone for so long but I have a week with very bad stomach aches and cramps. I read your digestive system slows down a lot so that could cause you to be getting all outta wack. My ob told me I could use stool softeners to get things moving. hopefully it's just your body adjusting to the changes and settles down. 
  • Did the stool softener Help you? What kind did you use? Did your pains go away after the week? Thanks!
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  • This sounds awful. I second the stool softener suggestion. My OB recommended I minimally at least use a benifiber or miralax (powder mixed into a drink) every day. It helps a ton!
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  • I didn't use them bc the pains started settling down but in the past I've used miralax, the one time I used a pill form it was just as strong as a laxative. That was not comfortable. 
  • Per your suggestions, I sent my husband to Target to buy the Healthy Mama stool softener made just for pregnant women called Move It Along! It had great reviews online; just took one - praying that it helps alleviate this constant discomfort! 
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