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Having Trouble Leaving my baby

This weekend is our town festival my husband and I and our daughter went up and walked around grabbed a bite to eat and we were going to put her on the merry go round but I guess it broke down. Anyhow alot of my friends invited me up to the beer tent to hang out and listen to the band with them I wanted to go but I felt so guilty even thinking of leaving my daughter at home with Daddy. Ive only left her once since shes been home and it was because my husband got us tickets to a raffle In town we couldn't not go to. I'm 24 nd I don't drink so it woulda just been me seeing some friends and my husband said I could go he would stay with her idk I just couldn't do it. Ive also had this when I was recently suppose to go to a few bachelorette parties and didn't go. Anyone else have this problem or guilty feeling?

Re: Having Trouble Leaving my baby

  • I'm sure it is normal. I feel really guilty taking time for myself because I work a full time job and only see her for about two hours during the week. To me, weekends are our "us" time. I feel bad even taking a nap while she's awake and DH is watching her. Or sharing her with other people on the weekends. With that said, it is SO important for you to do things on your own and for your LO to spend quality one on one time with dad! It's good for her to also socialize with other people. It'll be good for everyone! You will be helping her out more by doing so in the long run! :smile:
  • Of course you're having a hard time, you've only been away once. I work part time 4 days a week and still have a hard time separating each time I leave. But once I'm at work and busy, it's ok. Like PP said, it's good for your LO to have some quality dad time and to start socializing with other people. 
    I find it easier to leave when LO is taking a nap. But be sure that your LO is comfortable waking up to someone other than you first. 
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  • Are you having a hard time because you don't trust your DH to care for her? Or what's the root of it? I left my daughter this weekend OVERNIGHT with my mom for this first time ever (she's babysat before, but never overnight). We had a local music festival and friends in town. It was so fun! It's good for you to have a break and be yourself for a bit, not to mention let your girl and her dad bond.
  • No I know he can care for her I guess it's more just like I feel guilty for leaving her because I'm always around I'm a full time stay at home mom I literally do everything Feed her change her dress her bath her wash her clothes bottles. I'm with her all day long from sun up to sun down even if she wakes during the night its me that gets up and takes care of her so I guess I get upset thinking she might freak out and miss me noticing I'm gone and then in turn I'll feel terrible I wasn't there for her. I am going out tomorrow night for a paint class here in town with a few girlfriends so daddy will have to care for her for two hours by himself and I know it will be good for me to get a little time to myself to unwind and for them to spend quality time together without me here to take over because that's usually what happens he will want her and he will hold her or play with her for a little then hands her right back over to me so.
  • @shortstuff15 - yep, it will be good for all of you :) it's nice to have daddy learn how to care for her, and for her to trust him. Enjoy your night out! 
  • It'll. Probably be hard at first.  The first time I left DS with my mom, I think I was checking my phone every 2 minutes.  It gets easier though
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