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Just sharing...

Today is 3 months from when our baby girl went to heaven. I didn't even think about it until my mom sent me a message after arguing with me (because I started running again... I ran 1 mile and she's trying to convince me that running is bad for me because it will affect my hormones!) Anyway, just got really down. Probably partly because I feel guilty I didn't remember today (I've thought about it many time before today though!). Partly because I feel guilty because I feel like I'm doing better than I should. Most days I feel fine- a "new normal" because I think about her and what happened to me constantly, but most of the time it doesn't bring me down. Partly because I am just so so sad she's not here with us. I'm doing ok, just having a down moment and need to share and my husband is out of town tonight. 

Re: Just sharing...

  • I am so sorry that you are going through this. I lost my daughter 2.5 years ago and I still have my down moments. Take the time you need to grieve and think about your daughter. Even though she is not with you on earth, she is still a huge part of your life. I always tell myself that when I am thinking about my daughter, it must mean that she is thinking about me!

    And if you enjoy running and it helps you with your new normal -  keep on running. 

    Thoughts and prayers for you tonight. 
  • You are doing just fun. It is OK to live your life! 
    I think about my sweet girl all the time. I look at babies that were born when she was supposed to be and I wonder. Its been a while since I have let myself cry and I am due for a good long session, but its all OK.
    We all grieve and move on in different ways! You are doing great!!! Keep up the good work!! 
  • You're a great Mom! Your daughter would want you to be happy and living your life. So you forgot the exact date - no biggie people get caught up in things all the time and loose track of time and the significance of certain dates. Be kind to yourself. Hugs to you.
  • Thanks all. Today is her due date. Definitely haven't forgotten that! 
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