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When Do Babies Stop Eating Everything?


Our LO is part of a science sensory group right now, and they have this really awesome water table filled with rice. They've dyed it with food colouring (and then set it with vingear), and it looks like sprinkles! It's pretty neat. Here's a random one from the internet:I would love one of these in my home because LO just gets soaked whenever water is involved, but of course she puts the rice in her mouth by the handful. While there's worst things to eat, I still don't think having tons of dried rice expanding in her tummy is a good thing. Anyone know when babies start to explore with their hands more than their mouth? I don't expect NO rice in her mouth, but would like to wait until we don't have to spend the ENTIRE time extracting rice from her mouth... :)

Re: When Do Babies Stop Eating Everything?

  • I don't know, but I'm ready for her to stop trying to eat my hair. It stays braided these days 
  • I'm curious about this and kinds love the rice in the watertable thing! Were giving her one for xmas so this makes me excited!
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  • Well according to Freud's stages of development, the oral stage lasts from newborn til 21 months. Next comes the anal stage (18 months to 3 years).  :#

    That's a really cool table!!
  • My son is 21 months and EVERYTHING still goes in the mouth... 
  • Do you use a pacifier? I know a lot of people disagree with them, but until our LO is out of the oral phase, she'll have one. If she's without it, EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. If she's got one, almost nothing.
  • Yeah, my 3.5 yr old still puts new things in his mouth. He didn't stop actually eating everything until about 2.5 or so, and even after that it was a little dodgy. For a while I wondered if he would ever stop. Neither of my sons will take a pacifier, so I just try to give them things I don't mind in their mouths for their oral phases. The oldest stopped eating everything, the youngest eats everything, and we do our best to make sure only food items enter the voracious little darlings.
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