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Pinterest has consumed my life!!!

I remembered how much easier it was planning birthday parties for my older two children. There was no such thing as pinterest. There were no chalkboard milestones or glitzy smash cake outfits. Dont get me wrong,  I am a total DIY crafter now thanks to this amazing little app. My house look like a Martha stewart catelog with the candle holders and ten thousand throw pillows.  Upcycling has never made more sense and my childrens playroom is finally ORGANIZED !!!! Granted my husband hides thr bank card when the words im going to hobby lobby or look what i found on pinterest come out of my mouth. LO birthday party is tomorrow and I have never felt so much stress for planning a party. I cant help but blame pinterest for causing me to focus on every single detail. What happened to chuck e cheese parties and grocery store cakes?!?  Anyone else feeling the "pinterest pressure" ???

Re: Pinterest has consumed my life!!!

  • I purposly stay off of pinterest for exactly that reason unless I am looking for receipes

  • I don't use Pinterest, and yet I totally feel that pressure! I bought a grocery store cake for DD1, baked cookies and served cocktails (all adult friends). This time around I went crazy-spent 5 hours making cake pops that looked like caramel apples, and a bunting banner that took 2 evenings, 2 days making pumpkin pie and tarts from scratch and multiple levels of decorating (table, 2 rooms), plus little craft paper bags of sugar cookies as favours... Even DH got into it-made pulled pork (first from our pig we just got back from butchering) using local maple syrup and beer, and doing little things in the yard to clean it up. 

    I blame social media in general. It's not just your friends' ideas you see anymore. There's facebook Mom groups, the bump, Google images, pinterest, etc! It starts out with getting great ideas (like organizing) but spirals when you find 100 great ideas for a 2 hour party...
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  • This was me a couple weeks ago!! I pinterested the shit out of his party, and for MONTHS. I came home every day after work, fed and played with LO, bathed him, got him down and then got to crafting. Looking back on it, it was a bit much.  We also finally finished all of our house projects prior as well, crown moldings, scraped popcorn ceilings to flat, installed granite in the kitchen and first floor bath, new LED recessed lights, bought and hung a new tv and floating entertainment center, etc. We went ALL OUT to get the house ready. And now it's all over. Worth it? I think so because I felt his day was perfect and thoughtful, I tried to think of every detail down to happy birthday hand towels in the bathroom.  I still have friends and family telling me how great it all was (but also saying wait til baby 2, you can't do all his with TWO kids). But little man won't ever know how much work went into it, and now I have set the bar for every other party to come! If not for other people, at least for me and my alpha type A crazy anal personality and expectations. 

    Pinterest and Etsy are awful. I may have to remove both apps from my phone. Maybe I will wait til after thanksgiving, I need to make a new wreath and centerpiece. Or maybe Christmas, my mantle could use an update ;)  #thestruggleisreal
  • Haha, yes!! My daughters birthday party is also today. I was up until 230 painting a thing so I can put it over a door.  

    Alice in Onederland here we come!

    i also diyed almost everything! My mom has one of those cricket machines...people are going to think I'm nuts....
  • heft619 said:
    i also diyed almost everything! My mom has one of those cricket machines...people are going to think I'm nuts....
    I want a Cricut!!!! Was it amazing??

    and yes they will think your nuts!  Post pics I'm the PARTY discussion!  I got some snide comments from a few guests for sure. Like "wow, really??? It's his first birthday you know??"  Yes I do know em effer!! Lol
  • I pinned a lot of stuff and then went "this is nuts I'm not doing all this crap"! Hahahahaha it was a great party and the older generation still thought I went overboard according to their standards. It will be great no matter what! Don't over think it. I honestly believe there is something magical about a simple and beautiful party. 
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    Yep! I pinterest daily once LO is asleep.

    Used it for ideas for my son's thomas the train birthday parties. They weren't pinterest perfect at all but they were pretty good! My friend laughed at me for going all out for my one year old who likely won't remember anything. Lol. 

    I'm currently pinning loads of wedding ideas!
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