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First trimester sex while PGAL

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DH and I have a sex ban. Not because of doctor's orders but because we don't want to have to deal with the fear of seeing any spotting. But we are about at our wit's end, or maybe it's mostly me. But I'm conflicted because I've heard that some doctors recommend first trimester pelvic rest after a MC but mine didn't actually say anything. What experience do you all have? Are/were you all on any first trimester sex bans? Or did you go ahead? And if you did have sex while PGAL did it go just fine? 
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Re: First trimester sex while PGAL

  • We are in the same boat. After 3 losses we just arent taking chances. Especially when it can be normal to spot after sex.. I would freak out. And it is a long wait to hold out but I just cant risk it. Doctors never said either way for me but we took this upon ourselves as well. 
  • We've had sex during first tri with every pregnancy, but I've never had an early loss. It didn't happen often though because I'm always so sick. Second tri is usually when we have the most sex. I'm 34 weeks now and I can't tell you the last time we did it because I'm so large and uncomfortable. 


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  • We don't have a ban, but I am really anxious so I'm less interested in it. Instead of twice a week, we keep it to once a week and I try not to O, because I've had spotting afterward. My losses are in no way related to having sex, but it still makes me nervous! I also refuse to let my losses hurt my marriage, though, so I don't want to NEVER have sex, you know? It's so complicated! 


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  • Thanks all. It really is complicated. I make sure DH has some without me and I KNOW obviously PGAL brain and baby's health are more important to me than a little fun but now that my nausea is much lessened I'm ready for a roll in the hay and I really miss the intimacy. So it is a toughie. But I imagine I'll just hold off until second tri. I've made it this far; I'm sure I can make it a few more weeks and maybe we can make up for it then. :)
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    Self imposed ban here until the first ultrasound since my last pregnancy was ectopic. It's been easy so far since I just found out 2 days ago and DH has been out of town for 10 days
  • Grrr mobile keeps cutting off half my post then won't let me update!!

    i tried to say I think whatever you're comfortable with is the right answer for you. The conflicting feelings are so hard!!
  • We haven't. Dr didn't say anything but I had a partial previa with my rainbow so I'm just paranoid. DH gets it but is growing inpatient. I'll be 10 wks tomorrow.

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