TTC After a Loss

****TGIF 9/16***

We made it!!!!

Its the freakin weekend baby now let's have us some fun!!

Any fun plans for anyone? Who getting down to business and who is testing? We haven't had a new grad in a while some hoping someone's uterus steps up to the plate this week 

BFP #1: 1.22.16                 MMC: 2.29.16 ( tetrasomy 11, partial deletion 1, XXX) D&C: 3.2.16
BFP #2: 4.14.16                 CP: 4.17.16
BFP #3: 6.10.2016             CP: 6.17.16
RE appt: 6.27.2016- saline sono all clear
Progenity: + carrier Tay-Sachs, Gaucher's, hemachromatosis. DH: carrier Alpha 1 anti-trypsin
PCOS, hypothyroid, MTHFR, hx of LEEP in 2006
Clomid + TI Cycle #1: 50mg Trigger 8.24.2016- BFN
Clomid 75mg + IUI#1 9.25.2016- BFP #4 10/6
Beta #1 15   Beta #2 38    Beta #3- 71     beta #4 171   Beta # 5- 21  Natural MC 10/21
HSG- clear
IVF Jan 2017
Egg Retrieval 1.22.17: 32 eggs retrieved,29 mature, 24 fertilized, 14 to blastocyst for biopsy
PGS results: 4 PGS normal 2 XX, 2 XY
FET: 3.13.2017 for 2 PGS embryos
Beta#1: 3.24.2017......... 78; Beta # 2 241; Beta #3 4198
Baby BOY due 11.29.2017


Re: ****TGIF 9/16***

  • Nothing very exciting happening here either.  Catching up on errands, looking at houses, and then brunch Sunday with some girlfriends.  They'll all be drinking and only one knows about our IF/MC so I feel like if I don't have a bloody mary or mimosa, there will be questioning eyes...which is so annoying.  I am thinking of getting there earlier and having our server bring me a virgin one but making it look real and to not breathe a peep of that.  Is that going too far?? Haha, I feel like if it helps keep my sanity in check, then it is fine.  

    I'll be thinking of you the next few days while you test @chloe97!  I know that regardless of the results, it'll be tough, so hang in there and take extra good care of yourself :) keep us posted!
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  • Happy Friday!! this has been the longest week ever and I'm so ready for the weekend. I'm only cd CD 8 and don't expect to O until cd18ish so I'm just hanging out waiting. We have dinner for my dad's birthday Saturday night and Sunday we are going apple picking/wine tasting if the weather cooperates. 

    @chloe97 sending you all the positive vibes for whichever outcome you feel better about. 
    TW*** Child and loss mentioned
    Married 10/12
    DS 11/14
    Ectopic 2/16
    PCOS/Ovulation Dysfunction 11/16
    IUI x 3- BFN
    Laparoscopy 3/17 Endo and tubal damage
    IVF- 4/17- 40 eggs retrieved, 10 blasts, 7 pgs tested embryos
    FET- 6/17- BFP!
    Due Feb 15, 2017
  • We have a family wedding this weekend which should be nice. It is a barn wedding about an hour and a half away and we are renting a cottage by the lake with the rest of DH's family. It is a bit bittwesweet bec I would have been 8.5 months pg at this wedding or 13 weeks and we would have told DH"s family over the weekend. But I am feeling okay about it and realizing I can't live the rest of my life like that. I just always feel like it is in the back of my mind, you know?
  • I'm working tomorrow but it's not a deadline thing so its coolies! I've been lurking around this board and I haven't yet properly introduced my self so I'm Mimi :) happy TGIF ya'll.
  • The DH and I are going to our local minor league baseball team game tonight- first one for both of us. Should be a fun night together as long as the concession stand has those jumbo pretzels!!

    thinking of you this weekend, @chloe97.
    AFM- I promised myself I wouldn't test till 11 DPO (Tuesday) or not at all if I have a temp drop by then, so here's to hoping the crazies stay at bay all weekend. 
  • Looks so yummy @SoonToBeMommaHowe. Happy birthday DH

    @TScalei I completely understand the milestone issues. I fully expected to be dressing an infant in Cubs gear this October, then I was going to 8.5 months pregnant during the playoffs. Now I'm completely free and physically able to go to Cubs games with DH and my brother if we get tickets. I feel guilty about it. I'm promising myself I won't look ahead for my next pregnancy, but I'm already planning on getting my NIPT results around thanksgiving and I haven't even had a BFP yet. It's impossible for me.

    @brooklyngirl18 @aera11, and @szwill86 for the well-wishes. I started researching oogenisis for a different post and had to stop myself bc I started down a rabbit hole of learning about aneuploidy, super fertility, and chance of having 2 Triploidy pregnancies in a row. I'm prohibiting myself from googling anything more about pregnancy or cancer or anything health related.

    @Aera11 Virgin bloodies were my go to during pregnancy because I honestly couldn't tell the difference (besides for no buzz). Fake drinking is the worst, I wish people could just MTOB. 

  • Hello all.. I've been MIA because I was in Hawaii and now its the mad rush to get ready for the new quarter that starts on Monday. Super excited to start back up to teaching, hoping it brings me some much needed balance...

    I had a ridiculous 18 day cycle last cycle - O'ed on day 12 and then had a 6 day LP, it was insane and scary and annoying. Emailed my OB and she thinks I had a very early chemical pregnancy but I don't know. Weird thing is  I still feel PMS-y so I have of course convinced myself I have fibroids or something else crazy going on.... I know one weird cycle isn't terrible, so just trying to see what happens. And yes - I have tested and had multiple stark white BFNs so yeah, my uterus is not cooperating.

    So I'm on CD 7 now but who knows what is happening. Just having sex whenever DH wants it, which is often.

    Father in law is in hospital now with complications from chemo and radiation and I start class on Monday so our weekend will be lots of prep at home and work for both of us. Our lives feel so overwhelming and insane right now. 
    **** TW - kids and loss mentioned ****
    ~~ married 8.11.07
    ~~ DD1 1.16.11 ~~ DD2 1.3.14 ~~
    ~~ BFP3 12.22.15 MMC 2.29.16 @ 13 weeks ~~
    ~~ 2 D&Cs (3.1.16 and 3.10.16) for MMC
    ~~ BFP4 10.27.16  MMC 1.23.17 @ 16 weeks ~~ D&E 1.26.17 ~~
  • Yup, same here @chloe97.  And no one will ask to try my bloody mary since they'll all be drinking them.  I want to wear a shirt to brunch that says "Mind Your Own Ovaries" and just drink iced tea, but maybe I'll save that for next time.  I also just bought a nice bottle of white wine anticipating a BFN in the next week or so.

    Side note: any Bridget Jones fans?  I want to go see the newest one and am going to try to convince DH to go. I don't think it'll be a trigger since it looks pretty light hearted.
  • @chloe97 A massage sounds wonderful. I hope it relaxes you, and that you get the results you want this cycle.

    @SoonToBeMommaHowe The pie looks delicious!

    @ladipale I hope you had a good vacation in Hawaii. I am very sorry to hear FIL is not doing well with the treatment. Thinking about you and your DH.

    AFM - High school football game tonight. Halloween/fall wreath making shopping on Saturday morning with a friend, then wine tasting, and lunch. It will be a nice girls outing. Grocery shopping, house cleaning, and laundry the remainder of the weekend.

    **TW - Loss & Child mentioned**
    Me: 40  DH: 47
    Married: 10/2015
    DSD: 17
    BFP #1: 6/2/15, ectopic, metho 7/15
    BFP #2: 12/4/15, cp 12/7/15
    BFP #3: 8/5/16, MMC discovered 9/1, Misoprostol 9/19
    BFP #4: 5/10/17, EDD 1/20/2018
    Baby boy born January 12, 2018, 6 lbs 3.3 oz, 20.5 in.

  • TGIF!Image result for weekend memes

    Me: 40, DH: 35 / Married: 2009; TTC #1: 2013

    2013 - 2015: 5 pregnancies —> 5 miscarriages

    TTCAL with RE (RPL specialist): February 2016

    2016: 3 medicated TI cycles —> 3 medicated IUI cycles: All BFN

    Donor Egg IVF Transfer: May 1, 2017

    May 11, 2017: BFP!! Beta #1: 449.1, Beta #2: 844, Beta #3: 1714

    EDD: 1/17/18, it's a GIRL!  <3 E. L. A. born 12/7/2017

  • @aera11 - Im supposed to see it with my friend next wknd but was nervous about seeing a movie with baby in the title. Let me know what you thought of you go see it this wknd.
  • @TScalei I hear ya girl.  I don't like the message of the movie necessarily, but I guess I know it's a movie and I read the books and loved the first one.  The second one, meh... but I will keep ya posted! 
  • Hello and happy weekend ladies!! I was working all day yesterday at an Army Nat'l Guard center, happy to have any extra work thrown at me. This morning after running group my friend made me brunch while I taught her and her BF the wonders of investing in Roth IRA's. It's pissing rain so nothing else, chilling with DH watching The Walking Dead and Six Feet Under  :)

    @SoonToBeMommaHowe that looks delicious!!! Nom nom nom.
    @MimoCa welcome to our lair!
    Me: 39 DH: 39
    CP 1/25/16 4.5 weeks, developed Graves' disease
  • @aera11 I plan to see the movie with a friend. I think it will be funny. Fingers crossed ladies. 
  • @SoonToBeMommaHowe Did you escape the Escape Room!?!? Was it fun? I have been seeing more and more about those and wanted to try one. 

    @aera11 I have read the books and didn't watch any of the movies. Loved the first book loads and loads. I am on the fence about the movies because If I watch the first two now, I will want to watch the new one. I cannot even watch the trailer without crying. If you go see it, let me know if you like it! 

    Well, this weekend my SIL was in town with her newest baby (third girl) who was born 3 days after we lost ours. The timing was so sucky. We hadn't told any of DH's family that we were pregnant/lost a baby, so he finally told them this weekend when they wondered why I wasn't around at all and why I was so against taking family photos this weekend. They were all very understanding. I don't know when I am going to be ready to see them. It is so hard because I want to feel happy for them, but every picture or post I see reminds me of our loss since they happened so close together. Ugh. So...the weekend was a bit sucky, but I am glad that we all made it through. I am ready for another weekend though! 

    Me: 25 | DH: 24
    Married: 06/14/14
    Fur Babies: Samara (Lab) & Akiva (Pom)
    Foster Parents
    MC: 8/18/2016
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    That pie  :o
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    BFP 10.02.2016 / NT scan at 12w looked normal / Anatomy scan at 20w everything ok
    Team blue! / EDD June 11th 2017
    DAVID ROGER was born on May 23rd at 37 weeks.

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