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Pinterest fail

I tried doing one year old pictures myself. This is the face my daughter makes when I try and make her girly. Nice try. 

Re: Pinterest fail

  • Bahaha that's awesome!!! Super cute, actually ;) I think that dress is super similar to the one I ordered my LO for her cute! I love and am so jealous of her little pony!
  • No way!  This is a fab picture! I love it!!!! What attitude!!  
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  • I agree, this is totes adorbs! 
  • She is too cute!! This is an awesome picture!
  • There are only two words for this picture: YAS QWEEN. I love it!
  • Too cute! Love that dress! Can I ask where you got it?
  • It was a Facebook ad actually, took forever to get it but they have good sales if you order in advance. Screaming owl I think it's called
  • Ridiculously cute!
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  • lol at least yours lets you put bows and dresses on her. Mine just rips them right out of her hair and starts yanking at her dress and pulling it up. lol. Cute pic!!
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