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Paranoid question... undercooked chicken

Hello! 9 weeks pregnant and first paranoid question here! I cooked chicken nuggets but didnt realize until after I ate 2-3 that they were only cooked to 130 degrees... not 160. I am a little worried.... thoughts? 

Re: Paranoid question... undercooked chicken

  • 1) most of those nuggets are so processed (I don't judge, I love nuggets... ha) that 130 isn't going to hurt.
    2) you only are a few before fixing it, so it's still not going to hurt you. 
    3) don't live your pregnancy in a bubble. You'll make yourself miserable. Just make smart choices. If you want a deli meat sandwich, have one. Hankering for sushi? Make sure it's a reputable restaurant. You want a medium rare steak? Limit it to once a week max. And drink your 200mg of caffeine if you want it.

    My first 10 weeks were awful because I tried to be perfect and super careful. I hated life until I learned to make good choices.

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  • Thank you so much! I feel like I keep making little pregnancy "oopsies"! I appreciate the input!
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  • Thank you so much! I feel like I keep making little pregnancy "oopsies"! I appreciate the input!
    I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but I made big oopsies during my pregnancy. I'd drink the neck portion of DH's beer once a week if I wanted (less than an oz of beer....) , I had mini mimosas once a month if I wanted one, and I drank caffeine every single day. Just be smart about it :) and drink lots of water. 

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  • Wait, do people actually take their foods temperature prior to eating it?

    BTW, I only eat my steak rare or med-rare, even when pregnant.
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