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Follow up appointment question

I went to my follow up and my dr just basically asked if my bleeding had stopped and if I had any pain which it had and I had no pain. My incomplete miscarriage happened Sept 1st. She had me do a blood draw to check my hcg levels. They were 34 I think she said. She did say that was fairly low but she wants me to go back in a couple weeks and get another draw just to make sure the levels get back to 0 and that it was not a rare abnormality pregnancy or anything. It makes me a little nervous to have to get blood drawn again but hopefully by then my levels are down. She didn't say what we would do if the levels weren't down. Does anyone have any experience with what happens if they don't go down to 0?

Re: Follow up appointment question

  • First, I am sorry you are going through this. I am by no means an expert but I have unfortunately been through this process a few times. Your HCG levels will go back to 0, the question is how long will  that take. There is no way to answer that as it is different not just for every woman but also for every pregnancy. I had one miscarriage where my levels went back almost immediately and another where it took 2 months. I would think if you're down to 34 it shouldn't be too long of a process for you. Good luck.

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  • I hope it is soon. I have a headache I imagine is from hormone crash :( 
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  • just an "FYI" if you want to track you hcg yourself, you can use a PG test. I used them to track until I got a negative one. 

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  • Thank you! I didn't know you could do this. Any brand or is there a certain kind you reccomend @cinderin ?
  • I use wondfo. Super sensitive and cheap on Amazon. They show a faint line even at 20 or so HCG. 
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