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Birthing classes

Hello all,

This is my first babies. Looking for moms who have taken the Bradley classes or hypno birthing classes with previous pregnancies. Just curious what class you liked and if you had the choice which would you do again? Issue is for myself and dh we would have to travel at least a hour to attend either class. Any advice would be great!
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2010: Laproscopy with Hystroscopy ablation. Tubes were clear.
1/5/2016 : DH sperm analysis is excellent.
February: Switched to a new RE
Two failed clomid rounds
March 2016: New HSG and found tubes are open
April 2016: Round one Letrozole 2.5 mg. Ultrasounds day 13 &16. No follicle grouth
May 2016: Had to take a month off
June 9th 2016: Started Letrozole again but at 5mg
July 5th: bfp beta 31
July 7th: Beta 97
July 9th: Beta 231
July 11th: Beta 500
July 13: Beta 1400
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Re: Birthing classes

  • I highly recommend Bradley. It's a big time commitment, but it is the absolute best preparation for going in to birth for both you and your partner. It's really comprehensive, involves lots of practical information and really gets you to understand what your options are, know what questions to ask, and be prepared with plenty of relaxation techniques and comfort measures. Hypnobirthing can be nice - it's definitely great for relaxation - but it's not a comprehensive class the way Bradley is, and doesn't really involve the partner. 
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  • I ended up doing more of a  hybrid method with both of them. I read both books instead of taking the class (mostly because I wanted to form my own opinions not be swayed either way). I used a little bit of both in my labor but really enjoyed the calming nature of hypno birthing. 
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