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Favorite 1 Year Toys

I thought since most our LOs are 1 now, and most likely got many fun toys and gifts for their birthday's, we could share which toy(s) have been their favorite! It may help also give others good ideas for Christmas...! Can't believe I'm even talking about that, but yes, it's not that far away! Crazy! My DS got a big bag of the big lego blocks and he's really been into that...he tries to stack them but loves to walk around with 1 in each hand mostly. ha! He also got one of those big comfy chairs from Pottery Barn Kids and he LOVES climbing all over it and sitting in it when he drinks his milk now! 
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Re: Favorite 1 Year Toys

  • I bought the boys those pushing toys like to help them learn to walk. They got play phones, those pulling toys with the yarn and it sings. My cousin bought them a turtle that come with 4 shapes and when you press the button the turtle walks in different directions so the baby/toddler can follow it and when it stops the shapes pop out. A few others that i dont know what theyre called.

    & i want rlto buy them legos! I think they'll be getting that for Christmas. I also want to get them toy instruments so they can drive me a little crazy lol.
  • DD likes her Princess ride on toy. She also loves her tea set. She gets a cup and spoon and pretends to stir it and eat it. We got one of the little couches that folds out and she loves to climb on it. I jus had to get her the little people princess castle but she isn't that in to it yet. My 3 yr old son loves it. Her absolute favorite thing to play with is any ball. 
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  • DD got a Thomas the train ride on toy that she loves to push all the buttons on and she likes it when I push her around the room. She also has a ball sorter, the kind where you push the ball into the hole and it goes down a few ramps to the bottom that she loves. And her little people barn and animals. She put the animals in the barns and chews on them. 

    I'll have to get out the big legos and see what she does with those
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    He got the little tikes activity garden for his birthday and it has so much to do! He keeps all of his "important things" inside it, it's so cute how much he loves it 
  • My son LOVES tents... we got a couple for his birthday..one is a tent that has a tunnel that comes off of it (real tent material he loves the noise when he crawls in it too) and another is a ball pit tent. he LOVES this one too with the little balls.  Also he loves climbing in and out of this little tikes fire engine (similar to the buggy car) he is starting to learn how to push himself backwards in it
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    magnets and her "5 minute Disney princess story" book. She is always pulling it out wanting me to read to her. I think she just likes the sound of my voice and sitting on my lap. she watches me the whole time I read until it is time to turn the page. That's "her job" lol. 
  • Ikea pop up tunnel is a big hit, and I love that it stores flat. Instruments-plastic drum and 4-note xylophone. She bangs away while singing, super cute. She likes to play catch rolling a cloth puzzle ball I made, and watching the golf ball roll through her object permanence box.

    Otherwise she just plays with DD1's toys, like emptying cupboards of her play kitchen on the floor, or chewing on her dolls and blocks...
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  • This is our 3rd, so we had most of the basic toddler toys in storage left over from the boys, such as: music table, stand behind & push type of walker, shape sorter, ball popper, v-tech educational toys, mega blocks, sit n' spin, and lots & lots of books. 

    Bath toys are a HUGE hit right now with Piper. I got her a tub tea set for her birthday - it's so flippin' cute! Bath toys almost always go over well, up til age of 4 or even 5. 

    Since this is our first girl, I bought a few "girly" toys such as a play vanity & a soft baby doll.  

    Brace yourself ladies, it's almost time for Christmas shopping!!! 
  • You guys. I did the cheapest thing and stored away half her bday toys to rewrap for Halloween or Christmas. Shhhhhhhh....
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    My house should juse be called Tidmouth Sheds due to all the Thomas the Train items my boy got for his birthday! Ones that talk, ones that make train noises, all his friends, books that make noises too. I'm your regular Mrs ToppHat over here! Lol. He literally loves every one of them. It makes me happy sewing him so happy though. 

    For Christmas we are likely getting him a Thomas the Train *adding to the mass amount* bed set for his crib, and a Thomas the Train riding toy that we push and turns into something he can ride when he is older too. Oh and my hubby saw a Fisher Price BBQ set that he's getting him too.
  • @kmcshane0211....that's a really good idea!!! Lol! I'm cheap though, too ;)
  • Mine loves the little people zoo, his little tikes kitchen and bright stars ride on car that you can put balls into. that v tech helicopter toy is a huge hit too!
  • Little man loves his chomp and count Dino and the balls from a dump truck by vtech. He throws one and crawls to it only to throw it again! So darn cute. 
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  • Lil man got a radio flyer wagon and he is OBSESSED! He laughs and squeals the whole time we are on our walk. I also got him a wooden activity tree (off amazon) that he can't seem to get enough of! 
  • Blocks and balls
  • My LO is obsessed with books. Turning the pages and also us reading to him! We could do this all day. I'll have tons of toys out and 2 books and he goes up to the books every single time. I LOVE it. 

    I'm already dreading Chrismtas and I still have a whole toy isle of his gifted birthday presents in his closet that I haven't opened yet! 
  • DS2 loves his little playscape.  We have the Step 2 Treehouse and he goes crazy on it.  It's pretty nice for me too since I can just hangout on the deck and let him slide down a billion times before he will let me take him in. 
  • For @LoveLee85 and others who are concerned about toys for Christmas, check this out: http://nourishingminimalism.com/2014/07/18-non-toy-gifts-for-toddlers.html

    I shared it to my facebook wall when DD1 was 1.5yo and tagged all our parents in it. Her birthday is a week before Christmas, so the first haul of toys from turning one then Christmas was seriously overwhelming! They got the hint, and it's been so much better since. I also got people to go in together on bigger things, like a little table and chairs set, or for a family gift-like a museum membership.
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  • @forevereverafter This is amazing thank you! We have so many toys right now between both boys.  We are also some of the last among our friends to have young children so we get ALL the hand me downs (wonderful but we don't have room for everything).  We are always trying to think of things to say when people ask us what to do for birthdays and holidays.  I will definitely send them this link :) 
  • Thank link is made of my dreams. Thank you for sharing. I will have my husband share it when it gets closer to Christmas and people start asking about gifts. 
  • @ForeverEverAfter that is an awesome link! I can share it with family when it comes close to Christmas. Thanks so much!
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    Miss ava got asmart trike from her grandparents and loves it. Its a four it one so it will grow with her. She crawls over to it and yells until i put her on it. She sits there with her sippy and watches mickey every morning. 
  • This is Josephine's favorite toy! It's awesome how you can program it and it says her name!! Everytime it says her name she smiles and acts all embarrassed. The songs are really catchy and I couldn't get one out of my head last night. It's so cute though!!!

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