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Please tell me it gets easier.. STM here *UPDATE*

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im so exhausted, to my breaking point. I have a busy 2 year old boy with a 2 week old little guy who
sleeps all day and is awake every 2 hours at night. I'm so blessed to have 2 beautiful boys, I feel almost guilty complaining about how tired and exhausted I am. They say sleep when your baby is sleeping but it's hard when you have 2. I suffer from anxiety so when I do get a chance to sleep I can't shut my brain off. I cry all day.. My husband works 5-6 days a week he's hardly home. I feel like I'm so alone. I have great supports around me but I feel guilty asking for help. I caved and had my mother come over last night so I could put my oldest to bed and have a shower. It's just the sleepless nights is what is the hardest. Ugh sorry I just need to hear from other parents that I'm not alone and it won't be like this forever :(

Re: Please tell me it gets easier.. STM here *UPDATE*

  • It absolutely does get easier. Your situation is pretty ideal, honestly. I was single, with a 4 year old and a newborn. Had to go back to work when baby was 5 weeks old. I know what you mean about the anxiety. Any time I would try to sleep during the day, I just couldn't do it, even though I was exhausted. I thought I would lose my mind. Well, I basically did for a few months. But you learn how to deal with it all, and you get through it. You'll be ok, and your babies will be ok.
  • It does get easier momma! You just have to learn to adjust.

    DD was 5 when my twins were born and it was a huge adjustment to know how to care for her and 2 babies @the same time. Even though DH only works mon-fri 10-12 hours a day he never helped @ night nor when DD had homework. & even though in a way it was easier because i had a 5 yr old vs a 2 yr old she had homework that had to be done. I had to take her & pick her up from school & had to get all 3 in the car. I remember 1 night, the boys were maybe 6 weeks and they wouldnt sleep! One would fall asleep and the other would wake up, back & forth all night & i only had 45min of sleep that night. My mom let my sister miss school that day so i could sleep while she watched the boys because i was a complete mess!

    Now my boys are 12.5 months old. DD is 6. They started sleeping through the night @ 6 months old from 745pm to almost 7 am. They entertain themselves by playing with toys chasing after eachother. DD now knows how to read so its rare when i need to help her with homework. She plays with her brothers. I can actually say i never, NEVER thought id see a full nights sleep in my life(thats how bad it was) & now its like heaven!

    And never feel guilty for asking for help! We work24/7 for our kids & we deserve a break. And im sorry your anxiety gets in the way of you sleeping. Maybe your doc can help you with that.
    I hope things get better sooner than later!
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    Thanks for the quick replys. I'm hoping to see my doctor tomorrow when I take my yongest to his checkup to see about my anxiety. I believe I have PPD. I was taking an antidepressant before I got pregnant with my youngest. I went off of it due to being pregnant but I believe I just need a little extra help with controlling my anxiety. I just wish I could stop worrying about the little things. My youngest sleeps almost all day which is great you would think but then I worry he will be up all night, which he's not but I still don't get any rest because of my worrying. I know it will get easier but I'm just having a very hard time seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait for the days where I can sit and watch my 2 boys play together. I want that so bad but at the same time I don't want them to grow up so fast which I know it will happen. 
  • So I'm back on the medication I was on before I became pregnant. I know I only took my first dose but I feel better just thinning about how good I will feel in a few weeks. I know I'll still have to put up with little sleep at night but let's hope I can actually fall asleep and stay asleep instead of staying awake between feelings! Thanks again everyone 
  • So happy to hear that! 
  •  I feel like I'm so alone. I have great supports around me but I feel guilty asking for help. I caved and had my mother come over last night so I could put my oldest to bed and have a shower.
    Dont even feel badly about asking for help!!!  You're a person, not a robot.

    ask for all the help you need!   There is NOTHING wrong with needing help!

    You are doing great!
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