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Tea for baby?

So today was my LO's 6-month appointment with his pediatrician. (He's technically 6.5 months now, but whatever.) She wants me to start giving him TEA once a day! Unsweetened, obviously. She recommends rooibos or some other caffeine-free option.

I find the whole idea hilarious.

It's probably one of those cultural differences. We live in the Netherlands and I guess they do have formal little coffee/tea breaks here. I was so taken aback I didn't ask many questions about this, which I now regret...I guess I'd need to brew the tea in advance and serve it in a bottle or sippy cup at room temp. I'm not against the idea...it's just...so unexpected!

Would you give your LO tea?

Re: Tea for baby?

  • I haven't but my little one is always reaching for mine. I just always thought of tea as a "grown-up" drink. Maybe I'll give him a sip, he probably won't like it as much as he thinks he will! 

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  • The only time I gave any of my kids tea is when my second, my daughter was horribly constipated. She liked it. Buy I think she was around 9/10 months old. 
  • Maybe your doctor thinks that will encourage more water consumption? Seems so strange to me! I certainly wouldn't give my LO tea at this age, not for any "real" reason other than that it seems weird to me, but we did start giving DD1 tea (straight herbal, nothing caffeinated or medicinal) when she was closer to 2 so she'd drink more water when she was sick or during the summer. 



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    I drink unsweetened iced green tea and very seldom, but occasionally I give my LO a sip and he kinda likes it. I think he just likes the cold the most because he loves ice water. 
  • @jarob747: That's so cute. <3

    @VitaLuna: Yeha, I'm guessing it's ultimately about getting him some exposure to (non-breastmilk/formula) fluids. She was really emphasizing that we need to start feeding him REAL food, things we're eating ourselves, not just fruit and veggie purees anymore. She is probably assuming I have a little tea break every afternoon, since that's what a lot of Dutchies do. Still, it's funny!
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