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6 month changes

LO is about 6.5 months, and starting last Friday has totally turned into a different baby. He usually is the happiest baby (seriously so happy), and now just constantly whines and cries. I know so much is going on with them at this age, but just wondered if someone else is going through the same thing. I've read it could be the following on Dr. Google ;) Maybe y'all have some suggestions to the below:

-teething: he has his bottom two teeth, so many he is getting his uppers? Are those usually more painful, I barely noticed when he got his bottoms.

-growth spurt: probably could be this, though he is refusing food and bottles too

-formula change: we had to wean him off BM at 8 weeks because he was very allergic to dairy/soy and corn in my milk. Similac recently re-branded their formula and said that the "process has changed" on the way they produce the dairy/soy free stuff. Makes you wonder.... He's currently on alimentum.

- separation anxiety/depth preception: he does want to be cuddled all the time, could the answer really be that easy?

He isn't sick. No ears, throat, nose problems. I have a call into his doctor too. Thanks!!!

Re: 6 month changes

  • My little guy is 31 weeks tomorrow, and for the last 2 weeks or so has been fussier. 

    He got his two bottom teeth to start with, but now he gets upset if I am more than 2 feet away from him, he wants to be cuddled and carried all the time.

    He is also working on sitting up from laying down and trying to crawl on hands and knees instead of army crawling, and he gets frustrated.

    I am counting all of the above as just a phase, just spending more time on the floor with him and practicing walking away and coming back, playing peek a boo, to show him I am coming back when I leave!

  • My DS has been about the same too. I enjoy the cuddles and clinging. I think all the above... no teeth for him yet though. Def separation anxiety:) this too shall pass
  • My son is 7 1/2 months and has been a lot more clingy lately. He is also getting his two bottom teeth. 
  • I think my daughter might be having a bit of separation anxiety at night. If I linger just a bit too long after I put her down she'll cry once the door is closed. Or if I'm in the kitchen and my back is to her for too long, she'll start fussing 
  • I've noticed an increase in fussiness too! LO turned 7 months last Weds. Teething, growth spurt, and developmental changes are all on my list of potential reasons. But then I realized she might be dealing with separation anxiety - which I wasn't expecting. I work full time and LO has never cried when I leave in the mornings - but now she cries anytime I leave the room or if someone else (other than DH) is holding her. When I come home from work, all she wants is for me to hold her. 
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