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Eating... Or lack thereof...

My LO is breastfed and we have been trying various purees and trying bits of table food, puffs, teething biscuits, etc since 6 months... LO gags on EVERYTHING solid except purees. It seems like if anything is on his tongue he immediately gags until he throws up or I sweep whatever it is off his tongue. At almost 11 months I thought he'd be eating lots of different things by now. I'm happy breastfeeding and hope to do so until he's at least two, I just feel we are really behind on solids... Any advice/help/fellow gaggers?

Re: Eating... Or lack thereof...

  • Fellow gagger here! I'm in the same boat. I figured LO would be eating everything by now. This morning I was able to mix his favorite purée with a super small amount of cottage cheese. I was careful about one curd at a time, so mostly purée per spoonful, and he did ok. I'll keep trying that for now...
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  • LO did the same thing, it took me a little while to be able to distinguish gagging vs choking. I finally let her gag a little (man that sounds cruel) but i realized she did it with new textures and after a few times, no more gagging. 
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  • Mine was a gagger. I just let her gag until she stopped one day. I never took the food out of her mouth for fear of pushing it into her mouth. She got over it quickly. She still does it with new foods that she dislikes. 
  • Will he eat yogurt? Mashed potatoes or oatmeal? If he'll eat any of those you can gradually make them thicker and chunkier by adding fruit and veggie purée and then little soft chunks of fruit or veggie. Maybe that would help?
  • Rhys is a gagger too.  I let him gag, and I've also found that he does it a lot less when he's feeding himself, as compared to me feeding him with a spoon or fork.
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