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Suggestions for very upset newborn?

I am not a ftm however I have never experienced this before. Our daughter is 10 days old. The last few days/nights (mostly nights ) she spends hours crying and just seems to be in pain and very angry about it. The only thing that calms her is breast but is it possible she is hungry if I have literally put her on every 30mins for 30mins over the course of 3 hours??  And really although I feel her sucking I am guessing she is just trying to get to sleep. At this point I am sure it is a combo of fatigue as she has been up now for 4 hours. Would this be a growth spurt already and is feeding that often crazy ? I don't want her belly getting sore knowing how small it really is.  We have a soother but it isn't helping during these episodes.


Re: Suggestions for very upset newborn?

  • Could she not be getting enough milk when you do feed her?
  • I thought of that but she never fusses while feeding and she always takes herself off after 25-30 mins. So I quickly dismissed that idea.


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    Many newborns have a growth spurt in the 2 or 3 week range, which yours is approaching. I remember my LO going through several days in a row eating like what you describe. I was exhausted to say the least, as I'm sure you are! We also had a few evenings and afternoons at this stage where LO was not getting as much sleep, crying and irritable. It got better on its own (until weeks 4-8 where she would have a regular super fussy period all late afternoon!). Does your doctor have a nurse line you can call to chat about what you're seeing? They can help you rule things out or just calm your fears. 

    Forgot to add, are you swaddling or trying a variety of soothing ideas? White noise, rocking, warming sheets before laying down, baby wearing etc. are all good things to try to survive this stage!
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