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What did you do to remember?

Hi ladies,

Sorry if this isn't the right place for this. I'm waiting for AF to come back post D&C so we can start TTC. In the meantime I'm preoccupied with what I can do to remember the baby we lost. It was about 8.5 weeks when our baby died but we didn't find out until after 12 weeks. They couldn't determine the sex so all we have is the EDD and our 6 week US image.

I ordered a Christmas ornament with baby's birthstone and a necklace with a heart and handprint **TW** along with a charm with my living son's initial. 

I'm curious what others did.
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Re: What did you do to remember?

  • I got a memorial tattoo that says "you are missing from me" in French on my left collar bone above my heart. I also make a box with our ultrasound pictures from or 6w and 7w scans, my hospital bracelet from my d&c, the positive test and cards that family sent me after the loss. 

    My EDD is 3w from today and I'm trying to figure out what to do their day to memorialize and I'm at a loss 
    BFP #1: 1.22.16                 MMC: 2.29.16 ( tetrasomy 11, partial deletion 1, XXX) D&C: 3.2.16
    BFP #2: 4.14.16                 CP: 4.17.16
    BFP #3: 6.10.2016             CP: 6.17.16
    RE appt: 6.27.2016- saline sono all clear
    Progenity: + carrier Tay-Sachs, Gaucher's, hemachromatosis. DH: carrier Alpha 1 anti-trypsin
    PCOS, hypothyroid, MTHFR, hx of LEEP in 2006
    Clomid + TI Cycle #1: 50mg Trigger 8.24.2016- BFN
    Clomid 75mg + IUI#1 9.25.2016- BFP #4 10/6
    Beta #1 15   Beta #2 38    Beta #3- 71     beta #4 171   Beta # 5- 21  Natural MC 10/21
    HSG- clear
    IVF Jan 2017
    Egg Retrieval 1.22.17: 32 eggs retrieved,29 mature, 24 fertilized, 14 to blastocyst for biopsy
    PGS results: 4 PGS normal 2 XX, 2 XY
    FET: 3.13.2017 for 2 PGS embryos
    Beta#1: 3.24.2017......... 78; Beta # 2 241; Beta #3 4198
    Baby BOY due 11.29.2017

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  • @MyNamesTaken DH and I bought a little memorial box from Paper Source and inside we put our u/s photo, my pregnancy test, hospital bracelets from D&C, a little outfit I bought, and a letter I wrote to our baby.  I keep it in my nightstand cabinet and have only looked at it once since January.  
  • We bought a small brass mid-century style ram sculpture, because our little one would've been an Aries. It sits on the bookshelf in our living room.
  • I purchased a necklace off Etsy :  

    It is actually on sale now. I wanted something that I could keep with me at all times. This necklace can be added on to as well.  The birthstone is for the month of April (our month due) and we chose to just do "b" for baby bear because that is what we called our baby. 

    Me: 25 | DH: 24
    Married: 06/14/14
    Fur Babies: Samara (Lab) & Akiva (Pom)
    Foster Parents
    MC: 8/18/2016
  • Those are all lovely. Thanks for sharing!
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  • I purchased a necklace off etsy, as well. It has an angel wing and a pearl. There was an option for the birth month stone too but I didn't want it. The seller is CYDesignStudio. 

  • I bought a willow tree statue to put in my home. It is an angel holding a baby. I also have a thing about forget me knots and butterflies. I use to not be a huge fan butterflies, but I was told how they only live an average of 14 days, but bring so much beauty into the world. That resonated with me, and I though of our angels that we lost, and the beauty they brought into my life, even for a short period of time.
  • I have been wondering this as well we never got to see our baby as I was only 5 weeks, but to me it was a baby and I want to remember it. These are all lovely ideas. I think when I get my family tattoo I will do something there. 

    I also believe with the cardinal when my grandmother died I was devastated a year later around the 1 year mark of her death I had a cardinal come visit me and knew it was her.
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