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Suddenly a picky eater?

Anyone else's LO suddenly become super picky with food? LO has been on table food for months. We did a modified BLW so he's been eating what we eat since around 8 months and has had very few things he won't eat (green beans and asparagus are the only things that come to mind actually) In the last couple of weeks though he's gotten to where getting him to eat pretty much any vegetables is a pain. He used to love carrots and peas, now he either ignores them if they're on his plate or throws them on the floor for our dogs to eat. I really don't want to have to "sneak" veggies into his food but I will if that's the only option. Is this a phase?? Anyone going or been through it?

Re: Suddenly a picky eater?

  • I thought LO was becoming picky too but now I think he just gets tired of certain foods and stops eating them temporarily. He was eating a peach a day but then suddenly threw them on the floor. Now he is eating blueberries and strawberries. He use to love zucchini cakes and threw tomatoes on the floor. Now he eats the tomatoes and spits out the zucchini. On Sundays, I now prep several veggies, offer some of each, and see what he will eat. I eat what he doesn't or we share. I prepared squash, zucchini cakes, and peas and also chop up tomatoes during dinner. He use to love squash too but is only eating peas and tomatoes this week. So maybe switch up your veggie selection and/or the way you prep it.
  • I've noticed that DS has stopped being so enamored with certain foods.  He definitely has favorites.  I wouldn't say he is picky exactly though.  Some kids just don't like certain things and that's okay IMO, I don't like certain foods and if DH made me eat them I'd think he was being kind of a jerk.  

    I just offer a lot of option.  If he doesn't seem super into something that day then I'll offer something different.  95% of what I offer him is really healthy so I'm okay if he refuses to eat his beans in favor of carrots or something. We also have dog feeding issues though.  I put the dog outside during mealtimes to avoid temptation. 
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  • @KristiSigma @ElleMF728 we do different veggies every day, that's why I am concerned about him being picky. It only seems to be vegetables that he's no longer interested in and it's all of them. In the last two weeks since its started he's refused peas, carrots, potatos, corn, green beans, Brussels sprouts, and there are probably more that I can't think of. He's still eating everything else (fruit, meat, breads, etc..) it's only veggies but he's avoiding them all like the plague.
  • I just had a talk with the dr today because little man seems to go by texture. He said not to offer him too many choices at once. Put something down and if he doesn't eat it don't give him another choice til later otherwise he'll become even more picky. I am going to try this otherwise we will be looking at peanut butter sandwiches and rice cakes as his only meals. He won't touch veggies or fruit. Too slimy for him. I've tried so many different things and nothing seems to work. Next stop sweet potato tots. 
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  • This is our house and it's so sad!! My LO has always been the greatest eater and I've loved cooking for her and seeing her try new things, so to see her spit everything out kills me!
  • @shelbydd have you ever offered a pouch? If he is on a veggie strike (keep offering, hopefully he will come out of it) but it might be a way to get some into him.  I give DS2 one a day with one of his meals and he seems to love them.  I just hand it over and he does it himself. 
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