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Almost done?

I had an incomplete miscarriage on September 1st. After about a week or so of heavy and clotty bleeding I finally passed what I believe was the placenta and now have been lightly bleeding with no clots for almost four or five days. There hasn't been any more clots, it has just been pink to red and just slightly mucusy blood mainly just blood. Should this end soon or am I still bleeding because of possible tissue leftover? I go to the Dr on Thursday so hopefully by then I am done. Where I passed the placenta and baby I am guessing they won't do a D&C. I am hoping she will clear me so I can resume a somewhat normal life. My husband and I are talking about trying again and while I am scared to death to do so I also have this feeling that we should or I will talk myself out of it. 

Re: Almost done?

  • i am sorry for your loss. i had my miscarriage on September 7th, i had quite a bit of clots/tissues i passed, i have been without clots for 2 days now and its finally looking to be an end only a couple spots on the pad and when i wipe. I was 5 weeks along and went into the er they only told me to return if i had any signs of infection. I think you are on the ending as well with no more clots. My sister in law just bled had no clots and had to have a d&c. the er doctor and many family said after a miscarriage it can be easier to get pregnant and slightly reduces the chance of another miscarriage i'm not sure how true that is but i wish all the best for you when you do decide to start trying.
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  • When I I had a miscarriage in May I passed several clots and even put what I thought was the sac into a bag for testing. It turns out that even though I bled for several weeks I did not pass everything. This was confirmed by an ultra sound and unfortunately I required a D&C. Your dr should follow up with an ultra sound and if they dont mention it, it wouldn't hurt to suggest it. Some women take pregnancy tests to monitor falling hcg- but with remaining tissue your body will continue to think you're pregnant.

    after my provedure I was put on pelvic rest and no exercise for at least two weeks. 

    I had to wait for one cycle, which took 6 weeks, and then I got a BFP my very next cycle. My dr also said that women have increased fertility after a miscarriage. 

    Im so sorry you ladies are dealing with this. It is never easy and really only other women who have gone through this have an understanding of how we are feeling. Good vibes to you ladies that things progress smoothly from here.
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