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Weekly Fitness Check In 9.12

Hi all!  How did you do last week?  I'm feeling frustrated because I didn't lose anything even though I have really upped my exercise level, but I think that's because I I didn't really count calories the last half of the week.  Every time I diet, there's like one week where I'm like, "I've got this down!  I don't need to enter stupid numbers into my phone!"  And then I realize that I do, actually.  I don't need to count calories to maintain weight, but to lose weight, I just do.  Lesson learned!  Anyway, this week my goal is to count calories *religiously* and to also get 10,000 steps 5-6 days this week.

How about you guys?


Starting weight: 215
Current weight: 213
Mini goal weight: 199
Long term goal weight: 150

Good luck this week!  I will say that I am looking better and most importantly, feeling more healthy, and my husband asked if I had lost weight, so at least I feel like I'm still going in the right direction, even with two weeks of no official weight loss!

Re: Weekly Fitness Check In 9.12

  • I got at least 8000 steps every day except one ( not counting the day my fit it died at 3pm).  I still ate like crap though.  Why do all my coworkers need to bring baked goods in???  And I'm starving all the time from all the pumping, so I have no willpower.
    We have guests in town this week, so it's going to be tough to get much activity in.  Or eat well.  
  • Starting weight: 190
    Current weight: 185.5
    Short term goal: to see 184 on the scale this week
    Long term: to find boots to fit my wide calves. 

    You ladies have inspired me to hit 10,000 steps. I did 5 days last week and it felt amazing!  

    My running for beginners is going wonderfully. I've been able to add an extra mile to my lap for the time I have in the morning. This week is going to be crazy hectic so I'm very thankful for running since I won't have any time for anything else. 

    My eating habits have been not so wonderful. I want to eat all the food all the time!  My thunder thighs are loving the 3 slices of pizza I had over the weekend. My conscience is not. Here's to a new week!
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  • Starting weight: 127
    Current Weight: 124 

    FINALLY after religiously working out doing T25 5 days a week as a minimum workout I have seen the scale move and my clothes fitting soooo much better. I'm pretty happy with me weight but really want to tone up and get stronger! Just need to focus on my nutrition and going to try to plan my food out in advance this week. 

    My main challenge is we are having a lot of problems with our house the roof is leaking so we need an entire new roof and a whole new bathroom it leaked into and ruined so that's got me just preoccupied ugh 
  • Starting weight: 130
    Current weight: 124.4
    Goal weight: 110

    I have not done much of anything but thankfully my body responds to even a small effort. Last week I took the dogs on a walk/jog around the block two times.  Combine that with having four small children 4 years old and younger - which means I don't have time to eat regularly and no time to eat as much as I would like.  It looks like I will be able to take the dogs on a walk/jog two times this week too, so hopefully I will stay steady or see more weight loss.
  • @mesamyt - Boots for wide calves is like the struggle of my life.  No matter what my weight is I have very large, muscular calves, and it is nearly impossible to find boots!  I found a great pair last year, let me check the brand and get back to you, if you're still on the hunt!
  • DSW has an entire section for wide calf boots on their website.  
  • @mesamyt - Boots for wide calves is like the struggle of my life.  No matter what my weight is I have very large, muscular calves, and it is nearly impossible to find boots!  I found a great pair last year, let me check the brand and get back to you, if you're still on the hunt!
    Last year I found some at target and bought every color I could find. But now that I don't have my fat, end of pregnancy feet they are way too big. Hoping lightening will strike twice. 
  • I have avoided checking in because I simply cannot get motivated. I don't know my weight because I avoid weighing myself, and for the last few days even my morning walks with LO haven't happened (for a variety of reasons to do with his schedule, DH's and mine). I am getting a fitbit for my birthday and DH and I have started doing ankle strengthening exercises while we watch our show in the evening so that I won't reinjure my ankles when I do get back to jogging... but in the meantime I am really having a hard time avoiding sweets. I lie awake at night and think about how much I want to be around for years and years, to see my son get married, to be a grandma and maybe even a great grandma... but come morning, I can't keep the motivation. Any advice???
  • Starting weight: 185
    Current weight: 145
    Goal weight: 140

    I'm currently in weight maintenance mode. I'm not sure I can lose those last five pounds without pushing myself pretty intensely while I'm still breastfeeding. But I'm feeling good about where I'm at :)

    I just wanted to share what I've been doing. I was so so desperate counting calories. I got to the point where if I dropped even 50 calories I would start to lose a little but would lose my milk supply too. I started eating trI'm healthy mama style and BAM the weight started melting off.

    The basic idea of it is to control blood sugar and to isolate fuels. You don't count any calories, just eat until you're full (or a little over, if you like to eat like me lol). One meal will be carbs and protein, and then a different meal will be fats and protein. And you get to eat every three hours. It's pretty freaking amazing and you still are eating really delicious things. You can Google or check out the book from the library if you want more info. I just had to share since it's the only darn thing that has worked for me.
  • @mamadcb - I have struggles with motivation too and the only thing that really works for me is to embed exercise (or anything else I'm trying to do, like working on the book I'm writing) into my routine, so I have no choice but to do it.  For example, with exercise, I buy my lunch at the halfway point of my walk and bring no other option, so unless I want to starve, I need to do a 3 mile roundtrip walk.  This has been super helpful.  With food, I have just stopped buying any snacks for fun food other than fruit and like, sweet potatoes.  If I'm starving, I will have a sweet potato or an apple, but if I'm just kind of snacky, I won't eat it.  It's 0% fun, but it's only until I get to a weight I'm happy with, so I'm dealing with it for now.  I keep myself happy and motivated by having one treat meal (usually sushi and wine!) once a week. Anyway, TLDR version - I'm bad at motivation too, so I build my routine and kitchen so I have no choice but to eat well and exercise for now, though I allow once a week treats.

    @Blueyedsky - that sounds awesome!  What is the name of it?  Trl'm healthy mama style?
  • fishee333fishee333 member
    edited September 2016
    Motivation is the biggest challenge for me too I think. My trick before I got pregnant was to find a workout activity I actually loved doing. It was trapeze for me, and i did it because it was fun, and the workout piece was actually just a bonus. I was in the best shape of my life. Right now I don't have the abs to do it. I haven't had the chance to weigh myself since we started this, so I don't have much of an update, other than I'm going to follow my advice and find a workout activity I actually love to do (I really don't like walking, running, going to the gym, etc). So Im either going to start taking swing dance lessons or start doing a less intense aerial arts class. My goal is to find and sign up for one of these classes by next week. 

    @Blueyedsky that is amazing, congrats on the weight loss!! I'll have to look that up. Thanks for sharing 
  • I'm having a rough motivation week too. I eat well all day and then at night I want to snack, so I do. Most of the time I'm not even hungry. In those moments I just genuinely don't care if I lose weight, and would rather eat food than be thin. Hoping to get out of this slump soon.
  • Whoops trim healthy mama style. I think the book is called the Trim Healthy Mama Plan.
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