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3rd Trimester

share stories of final days leading up to labor

I'm dialated now, 37 weeks. what were your symptoms leading up to the big day? 
I'm having hot flashes, lower back ache accompanied by menstral like cramping that comes and goes
extreme fatigue, frequent urination, swollen feet,  intense BH, pelvic pressure achenes, and weirdest symptom is every time I lay down, I get constant BH, until I get up......I don't sleep much these days. At 36 weeks I became intent on cleaning everything, had lots of I hit a wall and too exhausted to go on. 

Re: share stories of final days leading up to labor

  • I was 1cm 50% effaced from 36 weeks until 39+6 (I went into labor at 40w exactly). I had some lower back pain and DD kept pushing on my sciatic nerve which was awful but the day before I went into labor, I had zero symptoms of impending labor, no BH, no intense pelvic pressure, nothing.  My doctor who saw me at 39+6 even said she could easily see me going to induction and was surprised when she saw me the next day at the hospital dilated to 5cm in active labor.  Unfortunately there really isn't a good way to know if you'll be in labor soon. 

  • No symptoms until I started contracting 

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  • ecwk said:
    No symptoms until I started contracting 
    Same here. I had pretty much resolved myself to being induced in a couple days when I woke up one morning with cramps that quickly became contractions.
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  • I had nothing going on at all until I was 40+1 and had a doctor appointment. She checked me and said I was 2cm. When she checked it was really painful - I still wonder if she swept my membranes without asking, looking back on it. Almost immediately after I felt mild cramps that started feeling more and more like back labor contractions overnight, stayed home from work. It felt really painful the next day and contractions were fairly regular the next morning (40+3) so we went to hospital and got turned away after a couple hours because nothing was happening. Finally at 40+5 it felt different (like way more painful I couldn't talk at all through them like they say to watch out for), so we went back in and that was that.

  • At 38+5, I had mild to strong back pains, strong-ish contractions but couldn't get them closer than 5 minutes apart for nearly 36 hours before calling the nurse connection line at my hospital. They told me to head in and they'll run the tests and decide what to do. I had soaked in the tub the day before, walked all around Home Depot, Costco and lowes, along with a trip to the grocery store to stock up. I thought triage was going to send us home but apparently my water broke the day before, in the bath tub, and I had no clue. 

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  • No symptoms till my waters popped onto the kitchen floor at 36+6
  • I had a really sore back and was extremely tired in the week leading up to giving birth. I had no major symptoms and every time I got sharp pains I thought they were contractions. How wrong I was, I had a sweep on a Wednesday, immediately I started cramping bad. Thursday I lost my plug and started to contract, nothing major. Thursday evening I went to the hospital and I was given an injection of pethidine to help with the pain. Little did I know that quickened labour along, my waters broke at about 1:45 Friday morning and I had my LO at 4.33 am. It was very fast, I didn't even have time for epidural!
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