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Newborn Size?

With my DS (he is now 5) I started using CD around 8/9 months. I have a decent stash (thankfully I never sold them since we were supposed to be done!) of bum genius 5.0s and flips. Do you recommend that I get newborn sizes to start my little one off or will my current stash be sufficient? TIA!

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Re: Newborn Size?

  • Your current stash of one-size diapers will not fit until baby is about 12-15 lbs. I know they say earlier but newborn legs are just too skinny, even on big babies. Add that yours probably have some relaxed elastics at least to a degree from use and it's just unlikely to fit right without leaks. Whether nb is worth it depends on how you think of it - if you go with an inexpensive route of prefolds and covers and sell them after you're done you shouldn't lose much money on them at all. Same thing with more expensive AIOs, just more upfront cost. Many choose to use disposables until one size diapers fit. I personally use nb sposies until cord falls off, then Bluebery newborn simplex (they fit longer than most), and then one size diapers. My daughter is 3.5 months, 85th percentile, and just outgrowing the nb simplex but has also been able to wear one size since 2 months. Good luck and congrats!
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    I agree, from what I have read, you well want to decide on a nb solution that works for you.  and *OS* diapers are most likely not going to cut it for nb!  there are nb cd rentals you can try, or do an inexpensive stash of 24-36 gmd or osocozy prefolds, plus 6-12 covers (max) and be set without spending too much.  plus a couple overnight wool soakers.  (eta or sposies or whatever works for  you)

    I personally went with all geffen prefolds and doublers bc I had lot of time to spread out the investment, and also bought mostly sweetpea aios and a few totsbots bc other caregivers helping, dh etc, and some smal bamboo fitteds as well, but I admittedly went overboard. lol  36 nb diapers in whatever combination, should suffice.

    This video just made so much sense to me.  gl!
  • Everything I have heard about one-size diapers is that they do not fit well on newborns. That's why I'm using Thirsties Duos and some fitteds I made myself in the same style that are basically two sizes fits all - a smaller "one size fits all" and a larger "one size fits all." 

    Some people choose to use disposables for the first little while to get around the issue or yo could get cloth diapers in the newborn size. You can probably get away with not having more than a dozen or so newborns if you really want to. You'd have to wash every day, but it might be worth it if you don't want to spend a lot. 
  • those won't fit, or at least it's doubtful, without leaks. we plan to just do newborn disposables and switch to one-size, pockets, covers etc. once baby is big enough. :)
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  • I'm pretty sure youll beed a nb fitting optiin that the existing stash wont work for such small bubs. We are planning on prefolds or flats for nb stage and one or two nb fitted for g parents visits or out and about as they go on more like disposable that others are used to using . (Altho myself and siblings were in cloth back in the day) Prefolds and flats can be used for boosters later or kepted for future sproutlings
    Then we'll go with AI2 mistly will maybe get some sized and some OS  to see what works best for us before expanding the stash . And again a few AIO for anyone else who may be minding as they work like disposable only they go in a wet bag and washing basket instead a plastic bag and bin means if grandparents are minding they are likely to kept cloth and not resort to the  convienience of disposable 
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  • We used Sunbaby pockets with our first 2 and started around 2 months when they hit 8lbs. We never had leak issues.  I don't know if I want flats and prefolds for the first 2 month or just use disposable again
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  • Look into Lil Joeys by Kanga Care. The only downside is that they will only fit for the first month or so.
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