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i have recently taken my test and yippie it was + ! I am 37, married, and have a 1 1/2yr old. 

We we are going to a wedding on Friday and are not ready to tell family. My problem is, how do I get away with not drinking without raising eyebrows??? Does anyone have a go-to drink that is nonalcoholic but looks like it??? I've tried seltzer and lime before but they don't put it in the right glass! Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks!

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  • Congratulations! Yay    I usually ask the bartender for a short glass, tall etc whatever you want.   I've also walked around with a glass of wine and have my SO sip on it here and there to give the appearance it's being drunk
  • Gingerale in a flute is pretty perfect! Congrats!
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  • Thanks for all the advice! I made it through the wedding! I did vodka and soda minus the vodka with a lime and the bar was set up so I could ask the bartender to put it in the alcohol glass without the alcohol. No one was the wiser!!
  • welcome and congrats!! great idea with the drink :)

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