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CAUTION- Smashcake

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We haven't given our LO sweets and I was very excited to make his birthday cake. I went all out and made an awesome chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I mean come on, go big or go home. Yes he enjoyed it, see photo below. But.... he was up ALL NIGHT LONG, wide awake, smiling, laughing, playing.  I never thought about all the caffeine in the cocoa I was using. #momfail 


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    But he's soooo happy, serious cute levels here, note to self no chocolate cake!
  • Oh my gosh, that face though!!! So cute.
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  • Haha I'm showing this to my mom! She is SO butt hurt I won't let her make LO a chocolate smash cake for her birthday, but she doesn't have to go home with her and try to get her to bed! We are making a zucchini-banana cake with frosting dyed with pomegranate juice!!! Still sweet, no caffeine!!!

    Gotta say though, your LO is SOOO cute with frosting smeared all over!!
  • Soooooo adorable 
  • These are the cutest! We had pics taken recently too! 
  • lnds32 said:
    These are the cutest! We had pics taken recently too! 
  • But he crashes out at 545 an hour and 15 minutes before bedtime and slept all night. 

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  • She was so picky with it 
  • Haha! We didn't have this issue when we gave LO chocolate cake with homemade whipped cream frosting, but the sugar content was much less than regular frosting and he didn't eat much!

    Now, the smash cake we used for our photo shoot yesterday was a different story: Funfetti cake, but regular frosting with lots of sugar. Yup, that kid absolutely refused to fall asleep for his afternoon nap and after an hour of just playing in his crib, we gave up! He was wide awake the rest of the day until bedtime, then just crashed and slept hard! So, moral of the story, if you're going to give them sugar, do it early afternoon so it doesn't affect bedtime! Lol.

    The photos make it so worth it though :)
  • We were lucky, full on sugar yet fell asleep no problem. Of course cake was at 4:00 and he skipped his afternoon nap. 
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