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low beta/good vibes

1500 HCG trigger shot plus fresh transfer on 08/31.  Beta 1 on 09/07 (7dp5dt) was 9.01.  I had my second beta today at 9dp5dt and it was12.74, so a slight rise.  Just curious if anyone has had numbers like this and/or had success from very low betas?  I am hoping my first beta had leftover trigger in it, and today's beta was actually a double.  just curious of anyone's experiences.  What causes HCG to rise if NOT pregnant?

TTC since April 2015- low AMH, low Morphology
Clomid~ Feb2016-Apr2016, BFN x 3
Natural ovulation IUI June2016, BFN
IVF #1 08/26/2016- 4 eggs mature, 4 fertilized normally, 1 made it to transfer
Fresh Transfer 08/31/2016, BFP.. Miscarriage 17dp5dt
IVF results were hard to handle, wanted to attempt IUI a few more times
Medicated IUI (Gonal-F, Ovidrel trigger) Oct2016
BFP 10/20/2016!!!! Beta 1 (10dpiui) 16.9: Beta 2 (11dpiui) 42.23: Beta 3 (14dpiui) 282

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