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I know it's still a long while away, but does anyone have an idea for a costume yet? We went to a big Halloween store today and they didn't really have anything decent for my LO's size. I was thinking about a mommy/daughter theme. Anyone? 

Re: Halloween

  • We aren't doing anything for Halloween but we are super excited for Christmas!!! I can't stop thinking about what I want to do with my baby boy! By the way mommy daughter theme sounds adorable! 
  • I always loved the rainbow brite and Sprite mommy/daughter costume. I'm stuck on what we will be dressing up for as a family this year. Last year we did super heroes. We won't be trick or treating this year but I like dressing up to hand out candy.
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  • This year we kept her birthday theme running and DD is going to be a ladybug. I usually like to dress up too but I don't know what I want to be. DH almost never dresses up. Last year, I did do a mommy/daughter theme. I was a witch and she was a cat.
  • We are thinking about minions or minnie and Mickey mouse 
  • We're going to be the characters from Teen Titans Go! Our new baby (October 2016) will be Silky the Worm
  • Mommy/daughter theme will be cute @AKOL0

    Since DS is walking well now, I think we are going with our plan for him to be Bruce Lee while mommy & daddy are ninjas! We shall see. We  <3 Halloween and ideas are always flowing. 

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

  • Ds is gonna be a moo cow and daddy is gonna be a farmer! I have to work so I won't get to go trick or treating but it's alright they're coming to my job to see me cause we do a little event in the lobby 

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