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Weaning from the breast to bottle/food

Hi mamas. My son is 14 months old and I am partially weaned to morning and evening feedings only. I fear that I may have to wean completely to get my period to come back, as we are trying to conceive. Due to my age, we feel that we don't have time to let him self wean even though that is what I really wanted to do. While I am motivated to wean him because I want to have the opportunity for a second healthy pregnancy, I am really really struggling with weaning him. It makes me so sad. Instinctively I feel like I am depriving him of something that he needs/wants. It is soooo hard to say no when he asks for milk. It is especially hard on the weekends when he is having late afternoon fussiness and doesn't really want food or a bottle or a nap but just seems to want to nurse and be soothed. I feel like I need some other way to soothe him. If anyone who has been through this has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.
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