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"Happy spitter"

So my LO was diagnosed with reflux, but has never been on any meds and has always been a consistent weight gainer. She just spits up like crazy, still at 7 1/2 months. Anyone else's LO still spitting up? The pedi isn't worried bc it's not projectile and she has never seemed uncomfortable from it, hense the "Happy spitter." However, I am sooooo over being covered in spit up! The pedi said 6 months it would get better, then at 6 mo appt said sometimes it takes a little longer and to call if she is uncomfortable. I'm just wondering if anyone else is/has dealt with this and when it got better for you. 

Re: "Happy spitter"

  • My daughter still does, and is 6 days shy of 8 months. We just keep a bib on her all the time. It's lessened a little now that she pulls herself up on things and has started to cruise. Yesterday, we were playing patty-cake and she was on her back. She laughed so hard that she threw up all over.
    When I notice she's having a really refluxy day, I'll give her some gripe water and it calms right down. (Lip smacking, and moving mouth like there's a bad taste. Painful-sounding hiccups.)
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    Mine still spits up pretty badly if I have any dairy (he's ebf + solids).  He's just over 7 months.  I really miss ice cream.
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  • Still spitting up all the time here too. 7.5 months old. Oh the joys of a "happy spitter". 
  • Well at least I'm not alone... lol @stephanienjer we keep a bib on her all the time too, and change it about 100 times a day when it gets saturated! @nackie I cut out dairy for about 2 months now and don't see any real difference. I may have to indulge, I miss it too. 
  • @ekscopp I literally could have written your entire post as I'm in the exact same boat! Im so tired of being covered in spit up!! 
  • Same here!
  • My little guy just turn eight months and its just now getting better, I say we can't talk about how long it's been or he spits up, haha. Its super defeating at times but hang in there! 
  • My son used to be horrid with spitting up. We constantly were cleaninghim up. And the floor around him. We had a diaper bag for extra clothes for us in the car everywhere we went. Then suddenly at 7.5 months it stopped one day. He spits up a little bit here and there. Maybe 1 Tbl once a day. I thought I'd be sending him to college still spewing like a garden hose after every bottle. 
  • @Wicked4589 this gives me hope! I can only dream of the day when it's just 1 Tbs!!!! 
  • My first was like that and he stopped around 10 months. Once he got good at pulling up we saw a huge improvement. I also thought it would never end!
  • @sarahlanphier this makes sense. I do notice a lot more spit up when she is sitting up now. The pedi did say that now she is more mobile it will look/be worse bc she can get more out. I just can't wait for the day it ends!!!
  • We are on the same boat. 8+ months and it's gotten a little better w the introduction of solid foods but I just keep extra bibs around and lots of clothing changes handy for all involved. Oh the laundry!!!
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