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4 month sleep regression anyone??

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The past few weeks my son has been extremely restless at night. We used to cosleep some of the time but he would usually sleep in his swing for his longest stretch. Now he won't sleep at all unless in my arms or on me, he wakes up immediately after laying him down. Cosleeping to save our sanity was an effective fix for a few days, but the last few nights he's not staying asleep even in our bed, he's up and fussing 4-5x. Background info--my son is partially breastfed (low supply, pumping at work not enough), I keep his bedtime routine consistent, we use white noise and keep it dark. I've read a bunch of articles and tried everything it seems like. Thoughts, advice? Will it ever get better??

Re: 4 month sleep regression anyone??

  • Hi - My baby girl is definitely going through sleep regression.  She is currently 14 weeks.  She was a good sleeper up to about 2 weeks ago.  She'd go 5-8 hour stretches at a time, then suddenly was up every two hours.  I don't know if you've read up on it, but it's pretty normal apparently.  They start to sleep lighter (like adults) and wake up more easily.  Then they depend on you to get them back to sleep.  I keep reading that the 4 month sleep regression does not go away on it's own.  Your baby needs to learn how to soothe himself back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night.  

    We never co-slept, but in speaking with friends who have - co-sleeping babies wake up often because they smell your milk.  We moved the baby from a bassinet in our room, to her crib in her own room at 9 weeks.  It wasn't the easiest - for the first 3 nights she had a lot of trouble going down after the middle of the night feeding. But by the 4th night, she was back to "normal".  Now we are in the middle of our first night of actual sleep training, because the waking every 2 hours was just too much. 

    My suggestion, is to come up with a sleep training plan - and just stick to it. Whether it's cry it out, gradual extinction or whatever you choose and DO NOT go backwards.   I had 2nd thoughts about the move to the crib - but now I'm so glad we stuck it out.  I knew it was a battle I needed to face at some point, and I'm so glad that one is over.  Now I'm up at 1am anxious about the sleep training, but I know it's for the best.  Every sleep book will tell you how important sleep is for a baby.  Anyway - sorry for the long winded response.  Good luck mama! I feel your pain!!
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  • It sounds like sleep regression to me. :( I have heard the same thing @lwcbrooklyn said, they can smell your milk so they don't sleep as well in the same room as you. My DS has been in the crib in his room since he was 6 weeks. He's been STTN since around then. He will sometimes have a night where he wakes up once to eat and 1-2 times just fussy for no reason other than maybe he wants his binky. I think having him in a different room helps.

    Sometimes if he is just fussy, not crying, I will leave him be. He will usually end up falling back to sleep on his own. If not I know there is something more than needs to be address whether he just needs his binky back, his diaper soaked through, or he is hungry. I hope it gets better for you if it hasn't already!

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  • My little one slept next to me in a bassinet but we woke several times a night because I believe she smelled my milk. I put her in her crib this past week, that has ceased and she has woken up once during a night, every other night, she has slept through. Good luck and hopefully things are looking up
  • 20 days later and it actually has gotten much much better *knock on wood*
    I'm not sure if the regression has passed, or if the changes we made worked. Since this post, I've quit breastfeeding so now I know for sure he's getting enough to eat before bed, plus we started on rice cereal in the evenings so maybe that's keeping him asleep too. I still rock him to sleep (which I cherish, not giving it up) but we aren't co-sleeping anymore, he's in his crib in his own room that we keep dark and with white noise going all night. He consistently wakes for a night feeding still, but most nights that's the only time he wakes up. Getting some good rest and not having to stress over pumping and supply issues have made life so much more enjoyable. We're all three much happier lately :)<3
  • Lurking from July 2016- question on the keeping the room dark.  Our white noise machine also has a night light built in which I keep on fairly low so when she wakes to feed or for her diaper in the middle of the night I'm not turning on a light and startling her or waking her even more.  Have any of you found that a nightlight is too bright and if so, how do you handle the light issue for when your LO does need you at night?
  • I've found keeping a light on in the hall is perfect--it's just enough light to see for a quick feeding, but not bright enough to really wake my LO up. Works great, but I realize it kind of also depends on the layout of your house.
  • @kmurdock925 I only turn the night light on when I come in to feed.  Ours is very dim, so it doesn't seem to startle or stimulate her at all.  I turn it off during feeding so my eyes can adjust to the dark when I put her back down.  But if your method has been working - I say don't fix what isn't broke :)
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