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When will my milk supply return?

I stopped breastfeeding all together about 2 months ago because I just could never make enough milk for my LO. Honestly I think I was very overwhelmed at first and the lack of sleep really got to me so I just stopped. Now I think that I got the hang of thing and want to restart lactating. So far I've just pumped for the last 36 hours and get drops, for those of you who restarted lactating when did you see a significant increase? 

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Re: When will my milk supply return?

  • I attempted this a few weeks ago. Unfortunately for me it never picked up. After 2.5 weeks of pumping every 2 hours with zero improvement I threw in the towel. Kudos to you! Hopefully you make it farther than I did! 
    I definitely suggest talking with a lactation consultant about it and what you can do to help! Good luck!!
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  • I tried to relactate when my daughter was about 9 weeks old after not doing so for about 7 weeks. I pumped every 2 hours, took mothers milk tea, fenugreek and also did a lot of skin to skin while also letting my daughter latch.  I did this for 2 weeks. I never got more than a drop. Very frustrating. Maybe you'll have better luck. It does work for some people. 
  • Oh No sorry to hear that both of you. I'm really hoping I can get something out! At least to mix with formula. I'll try to go past that 2 week mark you guys hit. 
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