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Period after d&c

Not sure why I constantly make things harder for myself. I completely convinced myself I would get my period right at 4 weeks following my d&c. I mean my periods were always so very consistent my whole life so clearly that means my hormones would regulate like clockwork and it would be 4 weeks to the T, right?!! (insert eye roll emoji here, to myself). 
Yup, a few days past 4 weeks here and nothing. I know this is totally normal but I'be been so dang upset the past couple days b/c I had built it up in my head. 
Whhhyyyy do I do these crazy things to myself! 

Re: Period after d&c

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    @JDW0325 Waiting for the first AF after D&C is the worst! I'm sorry it's been frustrating for you. I had a AF 4 weeks after my first D&C and expected the same with my 2nd D&C. Nope. It took 72 days. About 9 weeks in, I got a progesterone draw that confirmed I ovulated, so that was helpful. If you are temp-er, you may want take a few days worth of temps to see if they are in the post-O range that will help you to at least know it's on it's way. 
  • Thanks @chloe97
    Was never a temper before- just used my way too expensive ovulation kit. And then eventually fertility treatments!  I plan on starting though once AF shows up! The TTGP gals have convinced me I need to start. 
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  • Post d&c periods are frustrating. Mine are even more out of whack than they were before
  • As said above, I'd temp. It's comforting to know you ovulated- though you can also go to the doctor too as said above. That's likely a better bet. My temps were irratic post miscarriage last time, haven't bothered yet this go around but I plan to just to know I am ovulating. 
  • After both my D&C's I was told AF could come anywhere from 4-6 weeks. First one was like clockwork at 4 weeks and second d&c AF came after 8 weeks.
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  • @KyCade3013
    I am def going to start temping once AF comes. Unless it would be good to start now? 
  • @JDW0325 I may be out in left field, but I think that you could start temping now to see where you are. Not sure if this is true in general, but for me, mid 97s are pre-O temps and post-O temps are lower to mid 98s. Maybe some other people can give some feedback about if theirs are similar. 
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  • I agree, not left field. Same here, my non-ovulation temps are 97's and my post ovulation temps are 98's so it's a relatively clear distinction typically. Worth a shot. 
  • Thanks much! I went ahead and started 2 days ago- temps were 98.40 and today 98.2 

  • Those should be post-O range so I would look for your period in the next week or two.
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  • Period came today! Never been so happy to see AF before!
  • Yay @JDW0325 now you can start temping this cycle!

    good luck!
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