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  • My lo is also going through this, and last night was whimpering in his sleep. He is also teething and has a sinus infection, so it's been a rough week.  We co-sleep, so I usually pick him up and rock him for a few minutes until he goes back to sleep.  

    I can't even imagine dealing with this if he was sleeping in his own space, since he was a terrible sleeper in his crib to begin with, and it was either deal with waking up and getting him back to sleep every 1-2 hours or have him sleep straight through for 10-11 hours in our bed. No brainer there, especially since I work outside the home.
  • Ladies, how are we doing? I have one day left. 
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  • We have 21 days left.  Ugh.  He has nightmares a couple of times a week and is up much more oftentimes at night.  I'm sleepy
  • I have 12 days left.  Last night was the worst. He was WIDE AWAKE at 2am, and I could not get him to sleep until 3:45, on me.  So needless to say, I am dragging at work today.  I slept from about 4:15 until about 5:05.  UGH
  • I think we are over it, but LO has a cold now so it's hard for her to get a good night's sleep because she keeps coughing. So I'm still getting up with her a lot at night :/. She's more independent, easy going, and less clingy in general though, and she has learned a LOT of new skills these past weeks. I can't wait for her cold to be over so I can see if she can sleep better at night! 
  • What happened to my child? Anyone else's LO started kicking, biting, and scratching while nursing? My arms are covered in bruises and scratches. I've tried a bunch of different things: firm "no", flicking his mouth when he bites, stopping nursing when he's not using his manners. Nothing seems to be working. This all started with leap 6. Not to mention the wide awake multiple times a night. Is this just a phase? It's hard to get him down at night when the usual routine is nursing him to drowsy, but nursing seems to rile him up. Send help, I'm drowning!
  • Omg you guys. This leap is so very draining for us as well. The wakefulness at 2-3 hour stretches in the middle of the night is rough. I resorted back to giving her bottle but that doesn't even help! She's over here doing raspberries while I'm trying to get her to sleep. I'm hoping that once this leap is over something gives in! I mean come on, I thought by the time she was 9 months old she'd be sleeping through the night! I miss sleep. I invested in ALOT of concealer during this one. 
  • OMG, he's got two teeth just about ready to cut through on top of this stupid leap.  Last night was terrible and we've been trying to put him down for bed for almost an hour now with no luck.  
    The dog keeps giving me judgy looks, like 'why can't you make the tiny human be quiet?'
  • Oh no @nackie :( yea, I would just glare back at the dog like really, you want to give soothing a shot? 

    We left leap 6 a couple days ago but last night we had to resort to something we haven't had to do since LO was like 4 months. She was up and alternating between hard crying, laughing, and eating for nearly 3 hours after she woke up an hour after bedtime. At midnight we tucked her in the car and went for an hour ride in the car. Thank Goodness she went to sleep during the ride and fell asleep quickly once we got home. LO has no teeth yet so I'm wondering if this was a sign they're on their way? Geesh who knows anymore with these little ones!
  • Oh yeah lo has his two top teeth trying to come through on top of this leap.  I have 9 more days and I am just praying things get better when it's over.  It's been awful.  He will literally be awake for like 2 hours at night, and I would be find if he would just play and talk to himself, but then he starts screaming and crying because he's tired and it's like he's forgotten how to fall asleep. UGHH!
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