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Pumping after feeding

So far, I've been exclusively pumping for my 9 week old. I've been working on switching over to BFing (usually attempting nursing once a day). 

I I finally met with a LC and she said baby has a great latch and transfers milk well. She said she wants to take a slow approach and she thinks we could be done with pumping within a month. 

For the first week, she wants me to replace one bottle a day with nursing. I'll continue to pump as regular for the week and we will meet again and move forward with the process. 

I fed her this morning and didn't follow up with a bottle, she was full and went back to sleep. I pumped afterward and came up with a few questions:
1) she only ate from one side. How do you keep your supply from going down if they only fed from one side. Will I have to pump every time?
2) I pumped both breasts after feeding her, I got my usual amount from the side didn't eat from and got about 2 ounces from the side did nurse from (first morning feed/pump so that's always my highest amount). Will my supply tank if she isn't removing all the milk when she feeds? I'm wanting to eliminate pumping but I feel that's the only way to keep my supply from tanking! 

Ive been maintaining 27-28 ounces per day but just within the past week have gone down to 24-26 so I'm very nervous and don't have any wiggly worm to lose any ounces!

Re: Pumping after feeding

  • My little guy started spitting up (that's putting it mildly, it was projectile and SO. MUCH.) around 2 months. Ped said he might overeating and when his little tummy got full, it would all get pushed back out. So I started to only feed him only on 1 side. Between 1 and 2 months, he gained 3 pounds (he was quite a porker!). Between 2 and 4 months, he gained like half a pound. : /  I didn't even realize my supply had TANKED until she started asking if I was doing anything different. 

    All that to say... I do think both breasts need stimulation at each feeding if you want to maintain your supply. Even if your LO eats most of her 'meal' on the first side, go ahead and put her on the second side for 'dessert.' That will keep sending the message to your body that you need to keep up production. 

    Good luck! 
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    @lkmc88 kudos to you for working so hard at breastfeeding!
    I'm definitely not an expert but I agree with @emilyalso I think you should try to stimulate both breasts each time, especially until you've fully transitioned over to directly nursing. If not putting LO on the second side, then pump.
    For your second question, I wouldn't think your supply would tank if she doesn't drain everything, but sometimes if my LO has a lighter feeding during the night I pump after just in case. I'm less concerned during the day because she feeds more frequently.
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  • I often only feed LO on one side and have not had an issue. However, I can see that it would be different to go from basically feeding on both sides every time to only every other time.
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