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Vent moment - Anaphylaxis

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Im waiting at the pharmacy for my 7.5 month old's epipen/steroid to be filled.

Re: Vent moment - Anaphylaxis

  • Im waiting at the pharmacy for my 7.5 month old's epipen/steroid to be filled.
  • Oh my gosh! I hope everything is okay!
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  • For some reason the whole post wouldn't work last night. But my 7.5 month old went into anaphylaxis from FORMULA!! The doctor said its very uncommon but can happen. We took our first ride in an ambulance and LO was under observation for about 5.5 hours. Fortunately, his breathing was never severely compromised but I never would have seen this coming. I have a severe food allergy to peanuts but formula?! So crazy!! Now, they're saying to stear clear from formula...that's great, but now I have to figure it a way to boost my production since everyday I'm about 3 ounces short. I really hope this isn't an allergy that stick around for little man but for now, we have our epipen junior and steroids in case
  • Yikes!  How scary.  I'm glad he's doing ok now.
    I also have problems pumping enough and I usually get up in the middle of the night to pump a few extra ounces.  It sucks, but it gets the job done.  Good luck
  • So scary! Glad the little man is ok! Did they say specifically what in the formula it was? Maybe there are others, like soy based, that would work? But I know you probably wouldn't want to risk it! Poor guy! Thats crazy!
  • That's terrifying! Thank god he's okay. Mrs patels bars work great. I always thought eating or drinking certain foods to boost supply wad a bunch of crap. But i suddenly had a huge dip in supply. I was only getting about 10 ounces total. I got my bars and had 2 on a day off. The next morning i pumped 7.5 ounces in 15 minutes. They are pricey but they worked for me. 12 bars was $25. They also have strong indian flavors which won't be for everyone but i enjoy them.
  • Research making your own goat milk formula. 
  • The other way to produce more is of course pump more, of course
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    They have great Facebook groups for milk donation! I've donated thru there! Eats on feets and human milk for human babies

    eta you can request milk donations. Best of luck!
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