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Baby not holding bottle

Amberly's daycare provider isn't okay with the fact that she can't/won't hold her bottle or make any attempt to. She literally will starfish while eating or put her hands behind her head like she's laying at the beach. (Yes, my daughter is ridiculous.) I'm not too worried about it. I figured I'd check to see if my girl is alone on this front at 7 months and if there are any tips/tricks to helping her learn this skill. 

Re: Baby not holding bottle

  • I'm curious about this too. My LO is 7.5 months and she hardly shows any attempt to hold her own bottle. I try giving it to her to hold and direct her hands but she could care less. 
  • At 8 months out LO can but usually doesn't hold his own bottle.  We've just chalked it up to his usual avoidance of a skill once he's mastered it.  
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  • 7 months here and no holding bottle at daycare. She's on the boob at home.
  • That is SO cute she puts her hands behind her head!!! I love it. I say that shes a smartie, getting others to do the work while she lounges :)
    7 months here too and LO JUST figured out how to hold a sippy cup herself (she hates the bottle now, just pushes it away). No tips though, I think your LO just has to be interested in doing it, and you can't force that. Sounds like it's a problem for your daycare provider, not a problem for you or your LO, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Nevermind hold the bottle, at 8 months my baby STILL wont even take a bottle.  I'm moving past it and just trying for a sippee cup now.  We've had the most success with the NUK one-- and although she can't really / doesn't drink from it, it Is very easy for her to hold and put to her mouth-- bottles don't have anything to grip.  Maybe switch over?
  • Is she holding other things/putting them to her mouth fine? I gotta say that sounds soooo adorable! Haha 
  • I'm really happy to hear all of your experiences and get your thoughts on this! We just ordered the Nuk sippee -- literally right before I opened this app up lol 

    You guys are definitely right though. My daycare lady is the one with the biggest issue here. I just want to help my girl learn the skills for the sake of learning the skills. 

    She does put things in her mouth (see below) and hold her toys so I think she's just being a bit of a diva lol 
  • First off, adorable that she puts her hands behind her head!!! Secondly I'm in the same boat. She can grab the bottle and put the nipple in her mouth but doesnt tip it up so she sucks air. She can do her sippy cup ok. And toys go in there ok so I'm not worried either. Im wondering if its just a comfort thing. Or maybe too awkward to hold? Or too heavy? I'm sure in time they will get it. 
  • @Cricket99 sounds like my little guy haha 
  • Brynlee won't even make an attempt for me or SO, but if grandma is babysitting, she'll hold her own bottle. I'm not concerned about it. She's just cheating the system ;) my son was the same way. 
  • Im with previous posters- 7.5 months here and LO only holds the bottle if he's taking it out of his mouth and then playing with it. Definitely does not hold on it it and keep drinking. 
  • Same here! My boy is 7.5mo and is now weaned off the boob, full formula now. We've been trying to place his hands around the bottle for months, but he's uninterested. He usually puts his hands over his eyes and goes to sleep. It's adorable! He has held it like twice in the past couple days, but only cause he was wide awake. Haven't started a sippy cup yet, tho. 
  • I started by feeding him in his car seat.  I dangled the bottle via a sippy cup leash from the carry bar so the bottle was right in front of him and all he had to do was guide it into his mouth.  From there I would put it in his mouth without the leash.  Now he grabs the bottle out of my hand as soon as he spots it and goes to town.  Good luck!
  • *lurking from March 16* 

    LO (6 months...Feb baby) refused to hold her own bottle even though I was sure she could do it. I bought a few of the Tommy Tippee Ultra bottles and handles on sale from Babies R Us today and they are AMAZING! The nipple is where a sippy cup spout would be so she doesn't have to turn it up as much to get anything out. She's so proud she can hold it herself. 
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    My humble opinion - 7 months is waaayyy to early to be concerned about this. I would let your child grow at their own pace. My son was notorious for doing something once (to show he could do it) and then not doing it again for ages. If your daughter is otherwise developing (which she is) I would personally be annoyed if someone was harping on this at such a young age. They're only little once!! My daughter grabs for the bottle, but she uses the large Dr. Brown's, so I am not encouraging self feeding yet. My son was able to self feed with a bottle at 6 months, but it can be super messy and he would take in more air. So I didn't like it. Instead I gave him stack toys etc. for motor development, which he loved. He didn't use a sippy independently until 14 months, but not because he couldn't, it was because the bottle/nursing was comforting for him. I weaned him at 13 months, and he liked being held while he drank. In all, he did most things developmentally early. My point is, I would do what's comfortable for your child. That's what's important. My son's daycare teacher was very patient with him and his sippy, I was too. My daughter takes time with her milestones,  because she's super laid back. Overall, she's right on track, so I don't worry about silly little things. Honestly, they grow up too fast!

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  • Thanks @MommyAlexia ... I needed to hear that!  
  • My son is 7 1/2 months and has held is bottle on occasion but he chooses not too. I'm not terribly worried since he can hold other things like toys up to his mouth.
  • My 8 month old shows zero interest in even attempting to hold his own bottle. He wants to be held and wants us to
    hold it for him. I chalk it up to him being a little smarty-pants and figuring why should I do it whe you'll do it for me? 
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