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Christmas baby

okay, as some of you know my son was born on Christmas Day. Do I count this Christmas as his "first" Christmas, or was his first the day he was born? Let me know your thoughts! 

Re: Christmas baby

  • Firsr off, how cool is it that you had a Christmas baby!?! What a special gift! I would consider this his first Christmas since he was only a few hours old for last Christmas. 
  • I would also consider this Christmas his first Christmas. 
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  • Id say this is his first!
  • Well, did you have a tree, presents, cookies, and Santa come hang out with you at the hospital?  
  • My dd was born the 23rd. We considerd it her second Christmas. Lol, we had presents and a little tree in our hospital room. My grandfather who played santa professionally came Christmas Day. We were prepared though since her due date was the 24th. We usually have her party the weekend before so people can attend and our house is not A toy tornado.
  • Yep, also agree with it being his first. There's also so much more to Christmas than Christmas Day, like decorating the tree, looking at the presents, Christmas Eve traditions (if you have any), family dinners! So I'd say he hasn't had a true Christmas yet. :-)
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